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More and more of the vets are upping sticks and leaving :logical:

They're just pu$$ies if they do that.

A great many have been banned, often they don't even know what they were banned for.

So you come back. ?Never give up, never give in.

I remember when YOU got banned here for going off on the previous Admin about Wolfie....You went on a huge whine-a-thon to get your old account back. ?Don't throw stones at glass houses....

What are you talking about? ?The point is I DID come back. ?That was my whole point. ?Don't just leave if you get banned ......... come back. ?And, like me, you might get your account back. ?:D

I HAVE my old original account, it was never deleted like Wissaboo's was. ?Thank you very much.


Right but you fought to get that account back and I believe some of us posted in those threads and backed you up. You did exactly what Raj is recommending others do. I just don't understand your attitude, Scooby. :(

I don't know what the history is with "Rajin", but there is one with "Wissa", a long one that needs to stop.

It could be because of association and Rajins support of "wissa".

You'll have to ask scoobs herself but it is a long history.

Wissa has been my friend for years and I support her and back her. ?I've seen first hand what Scooby has done to her IN HER PERSONAL LIFE and it's been horrible. ?So if anyone thinks I will stop backing Wissa they need to get over it. ?She was there when I was having some of my darkest days after my father passed away and I will never forget it.

You have an issue with her ........... that's your business and Scooby's business but don't talk bad of her in my presence

Please and thank you.

Wow, after reading that, I am glad that both of you are my friends. And I would like to think that I am the better man for it ¿ :D

You're sweet.  *hugs*

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