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Are the borg really gone?


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So it occurred to me that the Voyager crew really f**ked up the borg at the end of their series. From what we saw not only did they blow up the transwarp hub, but they also destroyed the borg's entire network of transwarp corridors. And on top of that, Admiral Janeway infected the Borg Queen with a neurolytic pathogen that made her fall to pieces, and then Unimatrix 01 exploded.

My question is... do you think any borg survived all this? If so, is it possible for them to rebuild back to where they were before? Will they ever be a threat to the federation again?

As a concerned Federation citizen it's something I would like to know lol.


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If the Borg are capable of anything, it's adapting. My advice would be to continue neighborly relations with Species 8472.


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yes the borg are dead.  at least they should be.


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Whoa, that ending is almost too similar to Battlefield Earth(the Book).

I think the Borg are still a reasonable threat.......Resistance is Futile!


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Quote (marshall8472 @ April 08 2010, 2:01 am)
the borg sphere was still around after unimatrix zero and the transwarp hub were destroyed. ¿So it's reasonable to assume that all borg vessels everywhere survived as well. ¿I also would make a point about the queen's last words but they make no sense:

QUEEN: Voyager will be destroyed.
ADMIRAL: They're ahead of the shock wave. They'll survive. Captain Janeway and I made sure of that. It's you who underestimated us.
QUEEN: (pulls off a disintegrating arm) Sphere six three four. They can still hear my thoughts. I may have assimilated your pathogen but I also assimilated your armour technology. (leg falls off) Captain Janeway is about to die. If she has no future, you will never exist and nothing that you've done here today will happen. ¿

If the younger janeway gets home doesn't the older janeway that traveled back in time not have a future either with no longer having a need to do it?

I can't wrap my head around that one. A leads to B leads to C leads back to A. I don't know my brain hurts now.

Lets see....... ummmmm even if only one borg survives doesn't it have an intrinsic need to survive and adapt?  But then again perhaps it'd destroy itself like drones who've malfunctioned. It would have to need to salvage itself for parts because there are no other borg to use them. I don't know.


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Based on the events of "Endgame?" What Admiral Janeway did was the equivalent of a spider bite. Might hurt, but more than likely is nowhere near lethal.


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Ever try t kill roaches.
You may kill them off in your house but; you never get rid of them ¿:logical:
They just go some where its easier to stay. :laugh: ¿:laugh: ¿:eyesroll:


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Good point.


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The Borg are not GONE. They are very much alive just doing what the Cardassians are doing otherwise it wouldn't be called a re build.


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They are just fine. They had a few more Queens around.

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