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Zoe Saldana on Trek Sequel


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Report this Apr. 06 2010, 6:58 pm

Hey everybody, as we're all starving for any scrap of info, I figured I'd post the brief statement Zoe made to io9 at Wondercon.  It's basically just her hopes for Uhura in the sequel.



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Uhura kicked very little arse in TOS and yet played a very important role, and she did it well, but hey I don't blame her, if I were to be in a movie, I would want to kick some arse too.


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"And maybe I'll get to kick some ass!" haaaaa! that's as much as she can deliver?


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I just don't want her to be relegated as Spock's official hand holder in the next movie.  I think the character is worth much more than that.


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maybe she can jog comedically across the ship to manage some tempermental communication device, as with chekov and the transporter.

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