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"Q" Omnipotent


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Quote: Kesfan74656 @ Sep. 02 2010, 5:57 pm

Exactly. He was, in his own way, trying to teach humanity...even if the 'lessons' weren't easy in themselves, but, of course, that was half the point. He found himself not only intrigued by humanity, but coming to I think care about its future, and saw something in us, more than the 'Youre advancing further and faster than you should' mentality Q expressed in the pilot. He was a rough schoolmaster at times-but he did what he thought was needed to get Picard and his race to move forward. And he even dared ask a human-Kathryn Janeway-to be a godmother to his offspring. What other Q would have 'stooped that low'?....Makes one wonder if his own changing viewpoint may have rubbed off a bit in the Continuum somewhere...

I only saw one season of Voyager up to this point, never knew that bit about the godmother. As for Q's omnipotence, I think it's a flat-earth situation. By that century, they thought they pretty much rounded up most laws that govern the universe, like people thought before Galileo figured out we live on a ball, not a nickel. And when one defies laws that we believe are written in stone, we see them as very powerful, perhaps even omnipotent. That's why I believe the Qs don't actually have powers, just more knowledge about the true fabric of space and time.


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Yeah, good point made. As far as Janeway's coming role, it doesn't occur that with most things involving Q. I highly recommend ''Death Wish'' as a glimpse into Q and his race. That'll be in S 2. There is also one more Q ep in between the ones I have mentioned, in Season Three. (''Q and the Grey'') My fan notion is that the Q have found means of tapping into forces that, as you say, twenty-fourth century science is unaware of. It IS a big universe/multiverse....

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''


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Being Religious... Q is not God. Although that woud put an interesting swing on storytelling with Q. I believe a God is someone who deals with time. If he were God he would never have any trouble with the Enterprise or any others who opposed him. One big difference between Q and God. God exists... Q doesn't.

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