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Your BEST  Spring Break Vacation....


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2001 Spring Break.  5 days of nonstop differential equations.  Wicked fun


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Carson City Nevada
The Bunny Ranch
Need I say more?


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No, you probably shouldn't..... :D


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The best place was Disney World with the kids. But one of the best "Spring Break" vacations was in Ft Lauderdale Florida, 1986. My girlfriend who lives there set me up on a few dates, but I ended up hooking with a pretty great guy for the week, who was totally not my type, but boy the chemistry!! Moonlight dips in the Jacuzzi with champagne and strawberries. Rides on the cigarette boat (Chapparell I think it was called) to his fathers yacht. :O Awesome time!! (*Sighs*)

P.S. I didn't know about the boat and the yacht when I hooked up with him. What a nice surprise that was! You just never know ladies. Be sure to give everyone a chance. ;)

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