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Galaxy Class vs. Romulan Warbird


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Romulan Warbirds have 6 disruptor arrays and 2 torpedo launchers.

A Galaxy-class starship has the same number of torpedo launchers and 12 phaser banks.

The Galaxy-class basically out-guns the Warbird 2 to 1. In a one-on-one battle, the Galaxy-class definitely has the upper hand.


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Well they are are about equal in power it would be a close fight.  The Galaxy has more phasers but the warbird has a smaller profile.


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The Warbird is something like five times the volume, but twice the length, just to clarify earlier postings. While slower than a Galaxy Class, a surprise volley in "Tin Man" knocked the Enterprise-D shields down to 30%, and the Enterprise-D seemed unable to respond to the rapid strike. This strongly suggests that as of that time period, a Galaxy would have been no match for a D'deridex Class Warbird.


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I hate to say this because I love the Enterprise D so much but the truth is they had their warp core almost breach about every other episode. Not to mention that a puny little Bird of Prey took out the D in Generations. I suppose technically they were supposed to be an even match.

What TNG episode was it where two Klingon Bird of Preys and the Enterprise were facing down two Warbirds and both sides were confident that if they engaged in battle they would destroy each other so the Romulans withdrew?

On a side note I am surprised at the aparent beating that the NX-01 and the NCC-1701 could take in battle. Seems like they could take quite a bit more punishment than some later versions of Enterprise... namely Enterprise D. Voyager and the Enterprise E seemed like they could withstand heavy damage as well.

So this dyslexic walks into a bra...


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Quote: mardok @ Apr. 04 2010, 9:32 am

>the Roms are warriors first and foremost, the galexy class is just an over sized civilian cruise ship with weapons, it falls fast to the Romulan star empire
No, the Romulans are sneaky and treacherous, it's the Klingons who are warriors first and foremost. As a result, any battle would likely start with the Romulan ship decloaking and opening fire. The closest we get to seeing a Galaxy take on a D'deridex is at the end of this video:


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The Warbird waaaay outguns a Galaxy class. I don't see where more phaser strips automatically equates to more firepower.

There are more handguns in the world than nuclear warheads, but that doesn't mean that the handguns have more firepower.

It was generally accepted by the writers of TNG that the Warbird was slower but more powerful. In the TNG epi: "Tin Man" a Warbird damn near takes out the Enterprise's shields with a single straffing run. Later on, in the VOY epi: "Message in a Bottle" it took the combined firepower of a Akira-class, 2 Defiant-class', and a Prometheus-class to destroy one Warbird; none of these ships is a slouch in the firepower department.

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i loved the design of the warbird. i think its unique, however both ships were just about equal in size and power. but if you removed the wasted space in the warbird, it would be smaller.

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