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For those who love or hated my "Hammock Time" observation...  I just saw s5's "Nor the Battle to the Strong" again.   This is the one where Jake and Bashir are trapped on a planet under Klingon ground assault.  I always wonder, when Dax walks into Sisko's office and announces awkwardly: "We just got word... the Klingons have destroyed the Farragut, near the Lambada Cluster."

T Farrell reads it as "Farrah Gut", and it sounds dubbed.   Still, it's a fairly bad reading.   Maybe very bad.   Dubbing's used to correct a poorly recorded or poorly acted line, but they couldn't even get this simple line right in dubbing, apparently.   Why?

All I can think is, Terry kept cracking up and blowing the line.  Who knows if I'm right, but I enjoy thinking about her looking at "Farragut" (funny looking word if you're in a punchy or mocking mood from hours of being on the set of a story you're not in much-- Mulgrew threatened to quit over this sort of thing) and especially "Lambada Cluster" (which for the life of me, is exactly what it sounds like), and just couldn't do it with a straight face.  In the dubbing, it sounds to me as if she was just barely managing to sound serious.  For all we know, maybe she mis-read it as "Lambada Cluster".

For the kids here, the Lambada was a suggestive dance from Brazil that was big in the US in the '90s.....


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You're very observant. I'll have to watch this episode again.

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