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Does Racism exist in the 24th century?


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Quote (RomulanFan @ Mar. 26 2010, 2:46 am)
Racism exist in many forms. I'm talking about racism toward alien species. For example, lets say that a human family forbid their son from making any friends with Klingons or Vulcans because they're non-human. Do you think these types of people still exist in the 24th century? The ones that are prejudice?

Just imagine a human supremacist league running around Earth telling Andorians, Vulcans, or Klingons to get out.

Probably not in the 24th century, by that point we've been expossed to "aliens" for several hundred years.

A more personal form of bgotry is more likely, take Chief O'brien's dislike of Cardassians. That's born of personal experience not ignorance.

I've only read these first two posts. I think the Maquis and O'Brian were 'prejudiced' against the Cardassian military government and not everyday Cardassians per se. I like General Martok and some other Klingon characters but I 'hate' the Klingon culture. All cultural ideals should not be respected in the interests of diplomacy, some values are stupid.


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O'Brien's prejudices against the Cardassians is not really racism because it's born of personal experience...??

Let's examine that, shall we?

My grandfather fought in world war 2 against the Japanese in New Guinea. I mean he wasn't ever entirely without prejudice before that, but when my uncle married a Japanese lady and they had a daughter (mid 80s at some point I think Mariko was born) my grandfather's reaction was "Thank god it's not a boy." Because a son might have been the one to carry on the family name. (My grandpa was at about the tenth generation of men with the same name.)

okay. This does parallel the situation with O'Brien -- who also is making generalisations about Cardassians from fighting the Cardassians. We see it in his dealings with many of those Cardassians we don't know have ever fought against him -- and certainly some who never would have. Like Rugal, who was a) too young and b) raised on Bajor.

The fact that it is the result of experience with former enemies does not negate the point that such generalisations are racist -- in the case of O'Brien (and my grandpa.)


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Yes. If humans are still racist towards each other after thousands of years of interaction with one another, I doubt if we can overcome any racist feelings towards aliens after only a few centuries. It's in our nature to fear and hate those that appear different to our cultural norms.

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Yeah. Spoonhead, Cardie bastards!



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