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Other problems with STXI that never saw mentioned.


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He over did it with the 20th century references. I mean you do not see us wearing clothes from 200+ years ago or drinking Revolutionary War ale do you?

I don't think he over did it at all.

Antinori ,a Tuscan winemaker, has been producing its vintages since 1385.Thats over 600 years.

World renowned firearm manufacturers, the Beretta family, has been crafting ?guns in Italy for kings and sportsmen since 1526.Thats over 400 years.

It wouldnt shock me at all if Burger King was still around in Kirks era.

The first vintage of Dom P?rignon was 1921, made by a winery that was founded in 1743. Vintage 2265 was used in the christening of the USS Enterprise-B.

Thanks for that example.


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First, my apologies for taking so long to respond. I just came out of a time consuming triple project research paper for school. As for your questions...

Earth gave the Federation more than Starfleet...the makeup of the Federation Government seems a direct descendant of The United Nations.

I agree with your assessment... but when I used Starfleet as an example of Earth's contribution to the Federation it was not to suggest that it was Earth's only contribution.

Again, "money" is a bad thing..."credits" are a good thing.

Many on the board feel that they're really interchangeable, and I can see their point. Ultimately, credits would only be an abstract representational form of currency. This is why I view the earth economy in completely different terms as I go beyond that representational state to the next level. I see earth's economy, and this is to be differentiated from the Federation's economy, as being educationally based in accordance with and to promote its self-enhancement philosophy. But please don't equate education with modern schools. I'll be happy to elaborate if requested, but I feel this post is gaining in length.

Returning to the original premise: There is the planetary level where no money exists, residents of Earth do not use currency in any form. Then on the interplanetary level, as established by the Federation, a credit system exists among the member worlds. Earth residents, as Federation citizens, have access to credits for use on other planets. There's just no need for credits on earth, since monetary based economics were abandoned.

"Dark Frontier" presents the following dialogue:

PARIS: Well, er, when the New World Economy took shape in the late twenty second century and money went the way of the dinosaur, Fort Knox was turned into a museum.

Paris mentions "The New World Economy". The key word would be "world". It's not "The New Worlds... Federation... Sector... Quadrant... or Galactic Economy". So given that and Paris' reference to Fort Knox being turned into a museum, it would seem to center this development on Earth. DS9 goes on to single out the humans in this regard as well. Consider the following dialogue from "In The Cards":

NOG: It's my money, Jake. If you want to bid at the auction, use your own money.
JAKE: I'm human, I don't have any money.
NOG: It's not my fault that your species decided to abandon currency-based economics in favor of some philosophy of self-enhancement.

Nog's final line does not depict the Federation's economic state, but specifically denotes humans as abandoning currency-based economics. Otherwise, Nog might as well have said "It's not my fault the Federation decided..." The above lines of dialogue, in accordance with each other, suggests that Earth's economy is different from other planets and even those within the Federation. So earth - as a self-sustaining and self-governing system - does not use money. But in relation to the Federation, it can participate in the Federation's Credit System. Thus, as an earth citizen or resident one would not need money or credits while participating in earth's economic system. But credits would be relied on when dealing with or visiting outside worlds.

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