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Report this Mar. 18 2010, 4:18 pm

I am Captain Kanike Kilekelike, Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 16 in Alliance Fleet. Captain of the SDV NIKI NCC-14369.

I am here today to invite EVERYONE that wants to join Star Trek Simms, or any kind of simm, to come look at us! But We don't stop at Star Trek, though that is one of our main focuses. Our Number One focus is on YOU the Player having fun. We have cut out alot of the drama that is usually associated with Fleets, and have turned our attention on the players.

We have a Gamers section that focuses on different games, from Star Trek Online, to WOW, to Mass Effect, with more coming in the near future. But we need the players for all of this. For without members and players, we have no Fleet.

We do have Simms that are just starting and are in need of players, here is one that is in need of players to help it out. This ad was written by its Captain, it is a SMS type of play, and 13+:

Hello This is Captain Micael Park, Commanding officer of the Federation starship Starstriker.

The starstriker is a state of the Art Insignia Class Starship based out of Alliance fleet. We have many slots open and a great crew so far, we are looking for more to join this great ship. We have several missions going at once and love to have new ideas going. We have fun and thats the most inportant thing.

For years a Race long forgotten Slumbers, They have returned but for want reason. Any record of there discovery gone. Starfleet clames they have never knew they were spoken to. But now Captain Park and the Crew of the Starstriker have recived Signals from a mysterious ship asking for Starfleet. Who are they? What do they want? WIll you join the crew of the Starstriker and find out......

We Look forward to seeing you there, Good Luck with your Simming, no matter where you decide to simm.

Captain Kanike Kilekelike
TF 16 CO

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