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Quote (trekbuff @ Mar. 14 2010, 8:04 pm)
Don't take things I post as a directed conflict. I do that via PM if I'm unsure about something - ¿unless something is obviously directed at me in open forum. I'm rather pleased and grateful you, ducky, grigori and others have joined us :D

I didn't take your comments as aimed at me personally, so sorry if I came off that way. I guess I was kind of sticking up for 'new fans' in general.

But of course the rest of my post was my own personal opinion, and you are quite correct TB, that even though STXI was the film that brought me to Trek, I so far prefer ALL other Trek that I've seen above it (TOS, VOY and all of the TOS-era films).

As you probably know, TMP is my favourite film too...although I'm not sure if the 'science' was a huge factor in that (although I'll admit to being wonderfully astonished the first time I realised that V'Ger = Yoyager), but I also think (and this is contrary to what a lot of people say) that so far, TMP has been the most beautiful of the films for character development, for giving us a different, older, and trying-to-be-wiser Kirk, and also a Spock who finally managed to reach some level of peace within himself.


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wow...... this generated more responses than i thought......:O :O :D


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To be honest, I don't notice the technobabble/treknobabble on TNG. Maybe I've built up an immunity? I notice it on the later spinoffs, even on DS9 where the way to win a battle frequently involves firing some sort of beam at a particular part of an enemy ship or whatever...

I think it adds a texture to the show when it works, to suggest there's something going on behind all the flashing lights and gizmos, and that the crew of the ship actually have jobs to do that require complex knowledge. I think most of the time -- early TNG, for example -- it works fine as a background part of the show. When it doesn't work, it's because the writers decide to rely on invented jargon to solve this week's crisis and get everything back to normal. "The Doctor/Dax/Data pressed some buttons, rattled off some fancy words, and by the next scene the problem was resolved."

I think all the shows have their share of Treknobabble -- Next Gen, DS9, and Voyager especially, though I'm not familiar with Enterprise. Sometimes it's acceptable as a minor feature, other times there's real science going on, and once in a while it's pure laziness. I wish I could come up with some examples from DS9, because I'm sure there are some tidy Treknobabble solutions in there somewhere, but that will have to wait for next week.


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They also had technobable in SG-1.

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