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Lessons Learned from the Siege of AR-558


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Ground battles are really moot when you can just bombard the whole planet from space.

Not in all cases. To use AR-558 as an example, one of the primary reasons they are fighting ground battles is that they are protecting the Dominion's communication array in order to study it. Sometimes it is necessary to keep the ground, or at least something on the ground, intact -- and so a space battle strategy would be inappropriate.

Think about it another way. The allied forces could have used nuclear weapons in the Vietnam War. They did not.

in your example yes I agree ground forces are needed for certain operations. However with trek it seems if they have enough people it would seem enough to overcome their defficiency in tactics. ?I mean if you ever noticed a trek episode only features a handful of people (several main characters and several red shirts). ?In AR-558 they had like 20 people holding off a waye of at least 100. ?So another thing I wanted to add was that in ground forces you need numbers too which in trek seem to be lacking.

If you recall the AR-558 episode, however, one of the key reasons that they had so few people was because a significant number of the Starfleet unit were dead, and Starfleet did not have the available manpower to send re-enforcements.

A note to everyone: (with purely co-incidence that there happens to be a quote at the top -- I am not picking on anybody in particular.)

If possible it is best to try and use short paragraphs. Some points look very interesting but long paras are quite difficult to read properly on a computer screen.

Of course 20 or so would have been all they needed had they had any sort of heavy rapid fire weapon at AR-558.  In Star wars they make full use of combined arms pistols, carbines, assault rifles, and even heavy anti armor/anti bunker weapons.  Trek is generally limited to pistols, semi auto rifles, and melee weapons.  The only thing they have that can clear a room is the wide beam setting but they only use it in extreme close quarters, and they didn't use it at all at AR-558 even though it would have helped.  Feds just need a heavy rapid fire weapon that is the key lesson from Ar-558


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Sorry for the long paragraphs I do tend to get into too much detail sometimes.

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