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Star Trek Phoenix?


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I am noticing that Star Trek fans can have the most polar opposite views on new material or fanfilms. Heck, I could spend an entire day just ripping into Star Trek novels. :D

I agree with Zorf24... to each his/her own.

Personally, I think Phoenix is one of the best fanfilms to come out from ANY series. Yes, you can rate the acting or the effects or the story as much as you want, but judging from what I've seen of other series, this is really the only one to be above average in all of the categories. Phoenix is actually advancing the Star Trek story: J.J. Abrams isn't really doing that, he went with an alternate universe of the same timeline; Phase II doesn't do that, they start right after TOS; Hidden Frontier (which is also a great show) goes into the future, but the production values just aren't as good. At least with Phoenix, you get good solid effects (for a fanfilm, yes, but they don't have the $1 million-plus-per-episode budget that a financed series does), decent acting (the captain could use some work, but the doctor and ambassador are phenomenal), excellent makeup (from an Emmy-award winning artist, mind you), and solid story. I think the biggest disadvantage they have is that they made the "Pilot" an episode from the second season, so you don't have a bridge or back story.

Looking solely at professionalism, this show by far beats out the rest. From what I can tell, these people are just doing it because they love Trek. It isn't about "reliving the classics" like Phase II, but actually advancing the storyline forward.

I personally can't wait to see more from Phoenix.

(This, of course, is an opinion. I do not dismiss anyone's right to their own opinion, but am merely adding meaningful and constructive dialogue to the argument. Live long and prosper!!)


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Watched a little of the Phoenix, it wasn't that bad. Has great potential.

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