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American Idol Season 2010


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Was it just me or did that little girl Casey had with him during the ending bit look terrified?


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If I were her and saw him coming I'd have run away.


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From day 1 I think we all expected Crystal and Lee... But we didn't expect lee to be the one to beat...


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Right now, it's Crystal vs Lee

Tonight Crystal totally owned Lee.  The judges said all her performances were superior-

BUT I fear there may be a voting trend that will keep her from winning

Here's what one blogger said:

Why Crystal Bowersox Won't Win 'American Idol'
By Lyndsey Parker, Y! Music - Reality Rocks | Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 4:57 PM

Crystal Bowersox
Michael Becker/FoxSeason 9 on "American Idol" was supposed to be a girls' season. Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, and even Simon Cowell all authoritatively decreed it so. Promising quirky-girl contestants like Lilly Scott, Katelyn Epperley, Janell Wheeler, Lacey Brown, and Didi Benami were all hyped early on as ones to watch and ones to beat. At one point, a Crystal Bowersox/Siobhan Magnus final showdown seemed quite likely. But sadly, "AI9" hasn't quite panned out in the females' favor. Most of the aforementioned girls all left the competition shockingly prematurely ¿ including Siobhan, one of this season's most interesting, unique, and talented contestants. Now only one female, Crystal, remains in the competition, and despite her popularity, I fear she won't win this season. Season 9 will probably be just another boys' club, after all. I predict Lee DeWyze is going to win in the end, and this makes me sad.

See, over the years, "American Idol" has become an increasingly male-dominated production: We have to go back to Season 6 for a time when a female contestant (Jordin Sparks) won, and all the way back to Season 3 for a time when two females (Fantasia Barrino and Diana Degarmo) faced off in the finale. And now, this is the second year in a row when only one girl made the top five. This development is especially interesting considering that the two most successful "Idol" winners ever are female: Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. So why aren't girls prevailing on this show anymore? And will a girl ever win "Idol" again? Does Crystal even stand a chance?

[PHOTOS: "American Idol" Season 9 Performances]

The fact is, while millions of people from all walks of life still watch "American Idol," the voter demographic has drastically changed, in a way that's given male contestants a major advantage. Says one anonymous "Idol" insider: "I've realized lately that the 'Idol' voting fanbase is now totally dominated by 40-plus soccer moms and their tween offspring. It explains the past few years' winners and the weekly voting patterns."

This totally makes sense. It's pretty obvious that in Season 7, the ruggedly handsome David Cook attracted the older-female demographic (there was even a famous fan group called Cougars for Cook), while the little girls voted in droves for non-threatening teen dreamboat David Archuleta. In Season 8, classic-rock-evoking Adam Lambert and bespectacled widower Danny Gokey amassed huge followings among middle-aged women, while the cute and diminutive Kris Allen wooed the teens. This season, it seemed the moms threw their support at Fabio-haired construction worker Casey James, the David Cook-ish strong and silent type Lee DeWyze, and Vandross-like new dad/personal trainer Michael Lynche, while their daughters ¿ some of whom probably had their own crushes on Casey and Lee ¿ swooned for 17-year-old Aaron Kelly. (The younger female voters also probably kept mop-topped Tim Urban in the game much longer than many pundits expected.)

[PHOTOS: "American Idol" Season 9 Guest Performers]

Some might argue that female viewers, particularly younger ones, seem to vote with their hearts and hormones more than with their ears. ("Since the rise of the tweens, circa Season 6, the only women that get anywhere are in the Jordin Sparks mode ... the perpetually smiling, non-threatening best friend who would never, ever talk to a guy you like. And in the past couple years, even they haven't been allowed through," says "Idol" reporter/expert Richard Rushfield in Natasha Vargas-Cooper's excellent article, "American Idol: The Fascism of Tweens and the Case for Monarchy.") But I think this problem has as much to do with male "Idol" viewers, who seemingly aren't voting at all. Taking a recent casual survey of my male "Idol"-watching friends, I was utterly shocked to learn that while some of them have purchased Idols' albums, none of them ¿ not even the ones who've been avidly following the show since Season 1 ¿ have ever voted. Not even once. Not even on finale night.

Meanwhile, my female friends, myself, and even my mom and grandmother have all speed-dialed or block-texted on behalf of our respective favorite (admittedly usually male) finalists. "Since text messaging has become ubiquitous, in the past four to five years, the road for girls has gotten increasingly hard," Rushfield tells Vargas-Cooper. He has a good point, as it's difficult to imagine any average American dude spending hours on his phone repeat-dialing the voting number for any "Idol" contestant, not even for one as foxy as, say, Antonella Barba or Haley Scarnato.

[Sound Off on Your Favorite Season 9 "Idol" Contestants]

This behavior among female "Idol" viewers really only mirrors real-life fandom among female-versus-male music followers in general. As a former tween girl who once dwelled in a pastel-pink bedroom wallpapered with pinups of my pouty pop heroes, I can personally attest that the fandom experienced by female devotees can be much, much more profound than that of male fans. Female fans are more likely to become emotionally invested in their rock 'n' roll idols, as (yes, I'm making gross generalizations here) the "fairer sex" tends to be more romantic and loyal by nature. It could even be theorized that female fans' unflagging dedication to their heartthrobs (from Elvis to David Cassidy, Duran Duran to Hanson, NKOTB to *NSYNC) goes all the way back to hard-wired biology, which may render females instinctively more loving and monogamous. But social conditioning is at least as responsible as biology for the female fandom phenomenon. You see, if a teen girl turns her bedroom into a Jonas Brothers shrine, plastering all four corners with photos and posters of Joe or Nick, everyone just laughingly shrugs it off as "girls will be girls." But if a boy lovingly employs the same home-decorating technique using magazine clippings of Ke$ha, everyone jumps to the conclusion that he's a psychopath and warns Ke$ha to file for a restraining order. Simply put, boys aren't encouraged to idolize celebrities; such obsessive, unrequited worship among males is at best considered a character flaw, and at worst, almost a form of mental illness. Pop-star infatuation is just accepted as a normal part of development for girls, but not for boys, and that's why for every boy who openly declares his dedication to Beyonce, there are 1,000 girlies professing eternal love for Justin Bieber. So it's no wonder female "Idol" voters are so much more active than male ones.

It's just too bad that these active female voters apparently don't demonstrate the same enthusiasm for their "own kind," so to speak. One might expect that they would look at gifted girls like Didi, Lilly, or Siobhan as role models, the kind of girls who would inspire them to pick up a guitar ¿ or at least pick up a darn phone and vote. But no. And last season's Allison Iraheta was arguably one of the best girl singers to ever grace the "Idol" stage, and was even compared to the one and only Kelly Clarkson multiple times by the judges ¿ yet Allison landed in the bottom three repeatedly and stalled at fourth place, and her debut album, Just Like You, only made it to #35 on the chart and has so far only sold a disappointing 97,000 copies. 19 Entertainment might have hoped that the likable then-16-year-old contestant would connect with teenage girls watching at home, but instead the teenage girls were casting their votes for the boys.

[PHOTOS: Simon Cowell's "Idol" Fashions]

In an earlier "Idol" season, someone like Allison may have won the entire show ¿ but the Irahetas (and Benamis, and Magnuses) of the world no longer seem to have the female demo's full support.

So that begs the question: How about the Bowersoxes of the world? Will Crystal, undoubtedly a strong female role model who women of varying ages can relate to, and who has long been championed as a Season 9 frontrunner, break the girls' dry spell on "Idol"? Well, her prominent presence in the media, and in Yahoo! searches and buzz reports, indicates that she has a decent shot of doing so. And to touch on what Rushfield stated in his above-mentioned interview, Crystal is a "non-threatening" type (deliberately and defiantly unglamorous, hippie-ish, soft-spoken, a mom) who won't alienate female voters. I'd personally love to see Crystal make it all the way to the victory circle and represent the ladies this season. But her fate, and perhaps the fate of the entire "Idol" franchise, lies in the speed-dialing, text-voting hands of America's moms and daughters.


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Crystal is amazing!!!


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And they make a cute couple too!


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Where's Chuck Woollery when we need him? :laugh:


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Quote (starbase63 @ May 26 2010, 2:11 pm)

What does Wheel of Fortune have to do with it?


Wheel of Fortune???

You got your hosts mixed up

Woolery hosted "Love Connection"-Pat Sajak did (and still is doing) Wheel of Fortune

I was hinting that there could be a 'connection' between our two finalists


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Quote (starbase63 @ May 14 2010, 11:15 am)
Big Mike has taken his exit with style...

Frm MJ's Big Blog:

Michael Lynche Speaks With the Press - Conference Call and Video

Michael Lynche is a really focused guy. He came into Idol with a game plan, and worked as hard as he could. He felt he had to-he missed the birth of his daughter to participate in the Hollywood Rounds. Now, he has to work to make that huge sacrifice worth it, and to secure the future of his family.

In today's interview with reporters, Michael talks about not regretting what he did, feeling confident in his performance on the Idol stage, and on leaving the football field to spend time with his mother as she battled, and finally succumbed to cancer.

After the interview, check out the satellite interviews Michael did with FOX TV stations early this morning.

Does Michael think he took enough risks? Does he believe the eventual winner will need to take a big risk to win? "I don't know if risk I don't know if that's the right mind-frame to go with, I think you've got to show all the sides of you. ?I think with me stepping outside of the R&B realm that's risky enough because they see you they see me, they see how I look, and expect to hear R&B and when I do something different, sometimes it's a little jarring. The people who are left in it I think they've got to really stay true to themselves. You gotta be comfortable up there, and you've gotta pick songs that mean something to you. ?I don't know if risk is what wins it, because at this point you've really got to solidify what your fanbase is. You've got to give them what they want."

Stats? Michael is 6'1, 300 lb, and he can bench press 505 lbs.

About his theater background, "I went to a performing arts high school. It was a special program inside of a regular high school. ?We've got all the sports teams, all the extra-curricular activities that come along at a regular high school. ?Inside of the high school is a specialized program for the performing arts. We were able to take dance classes, and photography classes, and music theory classes. I had classical singing training we were able to take a program where we could take college classes from a college professor in classical training and get college credit for it. That school had so many great opportunities for you there. I learned to play steel drums there. It just really opened me up to do anything that I wanted to do, besides the fact that I could play sports at the school. The best time that I ever had at school was when I was able to get into theater shows. ?You had to audition for the roles, it was a big deal."

What will he do next? "I'm still focused on the show right now. The top 10 will all be back for rehearsals ?starting on Tuesday. ?We've got the tour rehearsals starting in June. ?It's really going to be a good time to reunite with some of the guys who left the show early, have a really good time this summer, and I'm going to start working on putting together a great album, and working with some great people. ?That's the number one plan this year, to put out a great album."

Will he get back home to St. Pete's FL? "As soon as my schedule permits, I'm going to come home. My family is there, ?I really can't wait to get back home and heal a bit, and feel the love down there, and spread a little love. I love my town. As soon as my schedule permits, I'll be back."

What it's meant for him to have his wife and child on stage with him at the end, "It meant a lot, because it started out with them, in Hollywood Week. ?For me, ?is when the experience really got real. ?It wasn't about hoping to do well. I had to do well. ?Because of the sacrifices I made at that time, it just was very important for me to do well. They would have been there for me if I was working at Home Depot, or Dominoes Pizza. My wife always supports me no matter what. ?It's nice that I get to be the family man, I'm not anybody else but that. That's what I am first. ?It was nice that, that was my story and people really saw that, and I had my wife there, it really helps your heart out in a tough moment."

On dealing with the pressure of making Top 3 so he could come home, "I live for pressure. ?I think if you're going to be something great, you've got to be able to deal with a pressure situation. ?On Tuesday night, I think I sang well, I performed well, I felt good about what I did. ?It didn't happen ?for me to be in the Top 2 this year. ?But, I'm where I'm supposed to be. ?God definitely has a plan for my life, and all of our lives. I don't feel like I let anyone down. I came out and did what I do. But, people just didn't vote that way."

What did Randy say to him after he was eliminated? "He pointed out that Daughtry got eliminated at 4, and I've got a chance to be special-just keep going-it's not a bad place to be where I am."

Did he feel like he needed to perform an original take on the song, or just a good one? "I felt like you should do something original. I think that everybody should always make a song their own. I think you get into the karaoke zone when you do a good version. I always wanted to have the song feel like I wrote it. I wanted to find that place in the song that was original for me, that was new for me. I think that's how you succeed on the show, by making it your own."

On being a big guy, but a really a softie at heart, "I'm a Gemini, so there's always two sides to it all. I want to do it all. I got a pretty extreme, extremist personality type. So whatever, I'm doing to the max with it all, whatever side I'm showing. I think we all have different sides to show of ourselves. I was fortunate enough to stay on the show long enough that I got to show multiple sides. ?I'm not just Big Mike. I'm also Mike the husband, and Michael the father, I'm dad, I'm a brother, I'm a son. ?All those things make up your heart. It was cool to get to show multiple sides of myself."

Did he like singing romantic songs? "Music for me, I love love songs, that's what really speaks to my soul is when somebody is in love and it's just raw and honest-that's what I love."

What was going through his head when he was singing for his life? "I wasn't terrified. I liked that concept of singing for your life. And every week you were singing for your life because, nothing is guaranteed for you on the show, your time isn't guaranteed at all. I never wanted to take anything for granted. When I got to that point, it was literally 'sing for your life and the life of your family and your future.' ?Here's your one chance-I felt I could do that. I felt going in that I could stand tall in that moment. When it got down to Andrew and I, I wanted it to be me in that moment. Because, I didn't necessarily want him to go through that?he's a good buddy of mine and I felt strong enough, and prepared enough to take that moment on. It worked out. ?I wasn't surprised that they saved me, just extremely grateful to still be around."

What was his mindset going into last night. Was he expecting to go home? "Not surprised, and not expecting it. I just think America is a fickle creature. ?And she's shown that as the competition has gone on. You just never know. I think that I was consistent every week and always gave my heart when I sang. The only thing with giving your heart is, it can get broken, but if it's received well, it can be something really magical, and special. It was that on a couple of weeks. I think that the way that the wind blows the votes, you just never know. It's really up in the air."

Does he think his background with football helped him prepare for the experience? "It's the way I continue to train my body, it?s the way that I mentally prepare, It's really my only experience with game planning, or making a plan and being goal oriented. ?I wanted to have a warrior's mentality while I was in the competition. I took the approach of having a game plan, sticking to that game plan, no matter how the wind blows you. And also being able to adapt and change the game plan as the game goes on. That was the approach I took and it served me well up until this point. Top 4 isn't a bad place to be, so I feel good about it."

Mike dropped out of UCF, how did that happen? "My mom had failing health for a long time. She was diagnosed with cancer, my heart was really missing home, and being with her. My plan at that time was just to transfer to the University of South Florida. That was much closer, it was just the next town over. ?Then, my mom ended up passing away. It really just threw me for a loop for a time. ?I kind of lost my way and I started working with kids at a middle school-special ed kids-it was the best thing for my heart at the time. It was the best work I've ever done in my life. At that same time, I bought a guitar. I hadn't had a guitar in a while, because my plan was to play professional football. I bought a guitar again and began writing music. That side of me started growing again, and had been there all along, I just hadn't explored it because I was really focused on athletics. When I left UCF, it was just, really, a confusing time in a young guy's life. I was really trying to find my way. I got to spend some really great last time with my mom, which was super important. We would sit up late night and watch infomercials. She loved to stay up all night long. That was really a highlight in my life?that time I got to spend at home with her-that last little bit of time she had on this earth-she was 53."

What does he think of the save? "It's two sided. I think as far as the voting goes, it's really one of my favorite parts of the show, that people pick a champion. But it's also depends on whose voting. I think that as far as the save goes, it really speaks to your work ethic, and your professionalism and what they see of you, not just what they on the stage in that little minute 30 that America really sees, the judges get to see a bit more of us, and how your reputation is around the set and whatnot, and around the crew. I think it just speaks to who you are as a professional for them to take that chance to save you, to say to America, 'Think about this again, this person has really shown us to be a professional and to be somebody worth taking a look at.' I think it's two sided."

Does he think Crystal Bowersox is pimped in the media? "We're in a bubble, and we don't really get too into the media, or what's going on online. You don't even really know the pulse of what people feel about you until we leave the apartment and go out to CVS-we don't really go far from the Idol bubble which is nice. It keeps your confidence intact. I'm not quite sure what all the media attention is. Hopefully it's good, hopefully she can withstand it."

Are the sacrifices worth it? Is he looking forward to spending time with his daughter now? "I don't think you can ever say anything is worth missing the birth of your child. Only time will let those wounds heal. I think that it definitely gives my family a good chance, in the future, and gives my daughter a better chance that I did it, that I took that sacrifice. But, me personally-of course I didn't want to miss it. But it wasn't a choice. This is what I needed to do for the family at this time. I'm definitely looking forward to spending more time with my family. But my schedule really isn't really-just being off at this point doesn't mean your schedule thins out. I'm back in LA on Tuesday-I go to New York-I'm working the whole time when I'm back in New York. I'm not even going to have a chance to get back to my apartment [Michael and his family live in NYC now]. It's still the time to keep sprinting, to keep charging ahead, so that you use this opportunity that you've been seeing on TV all these weeks, to the best of your advantage."


I guess this article was right because Lee won tonight!

I'm sure Crystal will get a record contract anyway


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Tonight's show was so good.  I really enjoyed it...


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Yep no David, Adam, or Chris.

I'm surprised that Lee won. I'd thought that Crystals last performance had really cinched it for her. Good for Lee though he really seems like a nice guy.

Was it me or did Paula seem a bit off it last night? Maybe it was just her futile attempts at humor.


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Yes. Yes it was.


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i loved paula.  it has been grueling to watch the show this year, and without Simon too, i can't even picture forcing myself to watch the show next year.   bye bye idol.  

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX GOT "JESSE-CAMP"ed.   i.e. phone voters for Lee were more active, thus the outcome.  She was vastly better every week.    That's another major flaw in this show: random factors determine the outcome, not talent


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Quote (starbase63 @ May 27 2010, 2:26 pm)
I wonder...

Crystal and her boyfriend "Big Tony" reportedly broke up...

"He couldn't hang with the lifestyle," she said on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

And Lee with that "Crystal, I love you" last night...a little something more to it that friendly affection?


That's what I'm saying too!

If they started dating, AI could say that not only do they find new talent, but they might even play cupid once in a while


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IfCrystal's boyfriend left her because he could not deal with becoming financially independent than he is a dope. That girl poured her heart out to him on that stage. He must not have an ounce of confidence if he feels this threatened by her sucess. I hope this is a rumour. If not she will find much better.

I still think Crystal lost because Idol did not need her to win. They are gonna make a ton of dough off of her. Have you heard her singing her own originals. The girls gonna have a freaken CD of her own stuff.

My Webpage

Good luck to Lee! I hope he develops the confidence he needs to back-up his vocals. He won't get far if he can't find that.

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