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Play the game Star Trek Online?


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Hello all,

It seems the site has been here since several years. So I think it's a good place to ask my question. I have referred an online store as the place I wanna buy the stuffs for my star trek online journey.
First of all, any one here try to play the game Star Trek Online?
Secondly, which store have you buy STO keys to open accounts? And did we need the credit card to subscribe the game for further playing? What's the pre-paid 60 days sto time cards?
Thirdly, is it legally to buy star trek energy credits? Seems there are many online store who is selling credits. Can I buy it from them. Will it cause my sto account banned?


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Welcome! I hate when people reply to my topics like this, but there is actually a board about gaming. This board you are on currently is about the Enterprise show. If you go to the top, on the little navigation bar, you'll see "STARTREK.COM" and then "Message Boards". If you check out the message boards, I think there's one called "Star Trek Gaming". You might get more success with your questions there. I don't know how many here play video games. I do, but haven't gotten around to playing STO yet.

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