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Star Trek Wins Oscar for Best Make Up!!!!


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Quote (Unregistered_Guest @ Mar. 10 2010, 7:30 pm)
Quote (fooledagain @ Mar. 08 2010, 11:00 am)
Who would have believed it? A sharpie, some green paint, and glued on rubber ears equals Academy Award.

Say what??

How dare you mock the skills of the ST makeup crew! ¿ :grr:

One of my very favourite TOS villains, the wonderfully mad Dr Severin.  :cool:  :laugh:


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Congratulations to Star Trek it is great that Trek has won the Make-Up Award but I would have wanted it to win some more in my opinion:(


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I'm quite happy that ST finally got its first Oscar. I loved the movie and I loved the music too. :)


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I think First Contact was more deserving for the Borg Queen alone! But that is just me!

Good for Star Trek though!

Star Trek has been long forgotten though in many awards shows!

Patrick Stewart should have one an Emmy for many a performance.


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Quote (ServalanFan @ Mar. 11 2010, 10:32 am)
And if anybody cares Zoe was one of the runner-ups in the worst dressed female category on the fashion police poll of the oscars.

Yeah, I've got to say I didn't really like the feather duster look she was going for.

Then again, there weren't many dresses that overly impressed me this year.


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Quote (Kirk_vs_Kahn @ Mar. 08 2010, 7:13 pm)
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Quote (Yanks @ Mar. 08 2010, 9:33 am)
Nice to see it received some recognition.

But SCI-FI never really gets the nod at these things.

He11, Avatar only got 3, and how many tickets did it sell?

A heck of a lot!! ? :laugh:

Anyway, I watched the awards last night. ?I typically don't get into them that much but this year I'd actually seen a pretty good number of the nominees so my wife and I made some guesses. ?I did pretty darn well, I think 100% on the ones I actually guessed. ?Like the LA Times said, though, there weren't many surprises at all. ?

ST got the makeup award I predicted it would. ?It's a consolation prize for being dissed from a best picture nomination, which, imo and the opinion of many reputable critics, it deserved. ?The fact is, they could've and should've included it in Best Picture, especially with 10 nominees, but they didn't. ?And, in the technical categories it was nominated for, Avatar got all the rest, which was no surprise. ?How can you compete technically with a film like that?

Avatar got the sound, sfx, and production awards, which it deserved. ?Those were measures of its spectacle. ?

Up, sure enough, got the best animated feature award. ?I knew they were going to give it that. ?But if you already knew it could get that, why include it in the 10 for best picture? ?Everyone knew they weren't going to award it best picture. ?Why not put ST in instead? ?And heck, ST even did better with the critics than The Blind Side (and maybe it did better at the box office). ?Now, I really liked the Blind Side and I'm glad Sandra Bullock got the Oscar for it (although truth be told, Meryl Streep as Julia Childs was probably the better performance, it's just that she'd already won one or two Oscars and been nominated 16 times. ?And although I didn't see The Last Station, I'm sure Dame Helen Mirren was wonderful in it), but it wasn't an especially great or innovative picture. ?I though Abrams' ST was a lot more innovative. ?

I'm glad Jeff Bridges got the best actor and T-Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham for best song for Crazy Heart. ?That was no surprise at all. ?I highly recommend that film. ?I loved it! ?

As for the legitimacy of the awards, I think there are two dimensions here. ?I think all the nominations are, generally (but not always) made on merit. ?That said, the actual award has a political element. ?Like I said, Meryl Streep's performance imo, was better than Bullock's, but the latter had never been nominated before while the former had 16 times and Bullock was very good in The Blind Side. ?

Similarly, Jeff Bridges has been nominated 5 times and never won, while Clooney has got 1 (or was it 2?) for supporting actor for Syriana (I know he was nominated for Michael Clayton for best actor and as a director for Syriana as well, I believe). ?Oh, yeah, and I think Baldwin was glaring at him for beating him out with Syriana for best supporting actor. ?Baldwin was up for The Cooler that time (which is a really good movie too). ?

Finally, look at last year's film Grand Torino. ?That totally deserved a best picture nomination, as well as best actor and probably director, for Clint Eastwood. ?But he'd already gotten two for director. ?I don't think they wanted to award him again.

So, it's a mixture of the two, merit and politics.

But, anyway, I'm glad Abrams ST finally garnered an Oscar for a ST film. ?I'm just sad the film didn't get the all the recognition it really deserved.

As always...great post.

I think it says a lot to read some of the responses on this post to the state-of-mind and credibility of some of the so-called fans.

So, Star Trek gets some nice recognition at the Oscars last night, and there are people that are so selfish and closed-off about "what they didn't get" in this last movie that they are actually going to try to minimize, insult and gripe about it?

That, to me, is the epitome of sad.

How can an Oscar be anything but good for the status and prestige of the entire franchise? But, it GALLS people who didn't like this particular movie that this is the film that gets all the accolades and support...and this kind of childish lash-back is the standard result.

I said it back in May and I'll say it now. We're better off without these kinds of if alienating them was by design...congratulations and mission accomplished.

Would you give it a rest Vger...

These back handed comments at people who have legit gripes about the movie are really too much.

Just because you or anyone liked this movie doesn't mean you are some how more enlightened over those that didn't.

That being said some of the insane stop at nothing haters need to take a pill too.

Personally out of the 3 movies nominated I think Trek deserved to win. But again it really wasn't up against any heavy hitters.

I also think it deserved to be nominated in those other areas and had a good shot at winning especially in sound editing.

Yes I completley hate this movie but I can give a nod to the parts of it that deserved a nod.

I don't know how many times I have to explain this, Tin Man. I think you just tune out anything that doesn't match your personal perceptions of reality, so you don't actually hear what is being said.

I don't CARE what anyone else thinks about the new Star Trek movie. I liked it. It was the most popular and well-received of all the Star Trek movies. I have no need to manipulate anyone or prove anything. Let me make sure we're absolutely positively clear on that: I HAVE NO REASON TO CARE WHAT YOU THINK. I'm going to get more Star Trek in a style that I like and respond to. For all intents and purposes, I'm holding a winning lottery ticket so to speak.

I'm sorry that you apparently are not holding a winning ticket. But that's all it is. You didn't get what you wanted. So, the only "legitimate" gripe is "I didn't get what I wanted!" And THAT'S FINE...but you need to be able to admit that is what your problem is and move on.

Nobody's persecuting you. Nobody is treating you like a second-class citizen. If that's how you feel, that's your problem for allowing it to get to you. I don't need to give anything a "rest." If anything, if you feel you are so horribly treated and there's no place for your well thought-out and constructive feedback ( ?! ), then maybe you should speak to an admin and tell them that your feelings are being censured and you are being treated like a worthless animal.

The truth of it is, you saw this post and it got your blood pressure going (especially because it was subtitled with "take that, haters" or whatever) and you let that cloud your objective judgement and you HAD to respond. After all, you ARE the guy who said that "the more people say they LIKE this movie, the more it causes me to DISLIKE it" (nope, haven't forgotten that inane and foolish rant). That right there basically puts a death-blow right in the heart of whatever credibility or "take me serious" factor you might have had.

So, here's something to make you hate it even more: There's lots more of this kind of Trek on the horizon because of the universal success this movie has enjoyed. I for one am glad, and I'm MORE than prepared to live without those who feel scorned, discarded, insluted, disappointed, disillusioned, etc. In fact, I think the fanbase is all the better for it.

Yeah you want to find that quote of me saying that!

Also you are the one saying that the people who hate this movie are sad.

So don't get all high and mighty on me.

By the way the point I was trying to make regarding this oscar has already been made, just look at Lucifers response.

I think you need a time out.

I've read Vger's posts before. Now, he has always been fine with other peoples opinions. He never has a go at people who have a different opinion to his own.

He, like many, have problems with people who don't like the movie not for just not liking it, but appear to be on a ridiculous crusade against it. Throwing it in peoples faces and being god #### offensive.

If you've ever read posts by Vger, RocketScientist and SpaceTherapist. you'd understand that.

Yeah, we're being such a-holes because some people cant give credit where credit is due. I mean, it's not like people who didn't like this movie had their arms twisted into responding. When your best argument is "It only won becuase it was the best movie of them all", thats pretty lame.

Hey PC

I'm not sure if you're aiming at me or the Tin Man?

you're good.


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Quote (DammitJim6200 @ Mar. 08 2010, 7:42 pm)
Quote (MrsStarbuck @ Mar. 08 2010, 11:29 am)
Quote (DammitJim6200 @ Mar. 08 2010, 3:57 pm)
Quote (SpaceTherapist @ Mar. 08 2010, 10:54 am)
Quote (DammitJim6200 @ Mar. 08 2010, 10:49 am)
Quote (MrsStarbuck @ Mar. 08 2010, 9:52 am)
You know, how come people who don't like the other Trek movies aren't given as much of a hard time as the ones who don't like STXI?

It still gets me every time I hear someone label TMP as 'boring' or 'no character development' but I don't start an argument with them about it.

MrsStarbuck............Look, clearly JJ Abrams made wrong moves in his movie, he promise so much and gave us so little..
He said "We're not doing this movie for fans of Star Trek"
"I'm a Star Wars fan" "forget all you know about Star Trek"..
If he'd just keep his fat mouth shut maybe we'd understand a little bit more, but NO he just kept treating us like we're little, goblins who don't Know Star Trek ...

We can only come to this conclusion...The movie isen't Star Trek..It's Abrams-Trek and this makes some of us mad.. :honorable:

I was not the least bit offended by what he said because I understood the intent. But my gosh DJ how long can you carry a grudge? And didn't you say in another thread you weren't going to talk about this movie anymore?

I'm not I just answered MrsStarbuck

Well I'm not entirely sure how you answered my question DJ...

I wasn't asking WHY people don't like STXI...I think we've all laid our cards on the table pretty clearly about this movie already.

All I was asking was why people who don't like STXI seem to be given a harder time than people who don't like, say TMP, or whom other's seem to be able to go "well okay then" whereas they can't all seem to do that when STXI is criticised.

MrsStarbuck, I'll try again, To answer you..
I think this movie had alot riding on it, the success of future Star Trek depended on this film,

and some people might feel if we criticize it too much, it might turn other people away from it as well, and hurt future Trek films of this kind, then there are those who never seen Trek before and like it for it's robust excitement saying there's nothing wrong with it.
where as TMP and Generations was years ago they really don't affect the franchise, we can tear those films apart and nobody cares..That's how I see it..I hope I answered you this time. ? ?;)

this whole "people think if we criticize too much, it will turn people off," idea is a crock because you whiners have been here since before the movie came out, and guess what, most successful Trek movie ever. If people who have never seen trek before liked the movie becaues of the "robust excitement" so what? I mean seriously, that's an actual gripe for you? It was exciting?

You really have need to grow up and move on with your life.
I say that with love.


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Quote (ServalanFan @ Mar. 11 2010, 5:32 am)

And if anybody cares Zoe was one of the runner-ups in the worst dressed female category on the fashion police poll of the oscars.

I agree with this one. When I first saw her dress I thought it looked horrible.


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Congratulations for this make up award for Star Trek! I think the make up was very good and among all these nominations I believe this award was the most deserved.


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While i am happy star trek won an oscar i believe it was in the wrong catargory.

Sottry if anyone has already talked about it, but i don't feel like going back 13 pages to find out.

While the makeup was good, it was amazing in my opinion. ST09 had the same kind of makeup on any other sci-fi movie

I believe it should have won best director, best music.

While the fx were very good, i agree that avatar was the best of the year.

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