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Worf Was a Bad Chief of Security


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Don't get me wrong, brave and honorable dude no doubt, but there were some major security lapses over the years. Just caught two episodes with inexcusable incidences.

1. "Homeward" (Season 7)

This is where Worf's homan brother beams a pre-warp colony to the holodeck to save them and move the to another planet without them knowing. This is a very touchy situation but on the journey to the new planet, the holodeck remains unlocked and unguarded. This leads to one of the colony members coming across the door and leaving. Eventually he is so served and shocked that he kills himself!

2. "The Perfect Mate" (Season 5)

Great episode, this is Famke Janssen's first American role and she's totally hypnotic in it. The episode begins with statements made over and over about how precious the cargo in the cargo bay is and how it needs to be protected. It is even stated the security should be doubled. But the Ferengi on board are able to walk right into the unlocked and unguarded cargo bay with ease bring the awaken the metamorphe early.


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And, he is the worst shot in ALL of Starfleet!


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Quote (apothecary @ Mar. 06 2010, 11:50 pm)
And, he is the worst shot in ALL of Starfleet!

Lol, how many times did he get shot?

He did turn into an unstoppable force, late TNG and DS9 though.


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I don't know if he was like you do. I did see him being really focused on his job though. I admired and was amused by that.


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In DS9 Odo actually brought this up when Worf was criticizing Odo's job performance. Worf got clowned. It was funny. :laugh:


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there were a few episodes where there was an urgent situation and instead of running in he was shown just kind of ambling


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If Worf is a Perfect Head of Security, they can't do stories where the forementioned incidents occur.

The writers would have to spend more time on the scripts, which would end with more time & money being spent.


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Worf gets knocked over awfully easy from seasons 3-6ish... He only starts to show glimmers of being a Real Klingon warrior by season 7 and obviously he is a bad ass on DS9.

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