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Star Trek Academy: Trial Run


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Would like to know if anyone has heard if Shatner's "Trial Run", the second in the Academy series, will ever be released and if so when. I wrote the Reeves, who helped write all of Shatner's books, over a year ago and never got a reply. I emailed the fan club and never got a reply from them either. I was looking forward to reading that book, then someone put a halt to publishing it, which I think is unfair.


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Report this Mar. 01 2010, 12:22 pm

I'm pretty sure the book was never actually written (though it was planned at one point). The previous book, Collision Course, did not do all that well, sales-wise, and so is likely the main factor as to why there haven't been any more books in that series (so far...never say never! ).


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Ooooh, I bet Shatner was annoyed...

But I did see him preforming in the Closing Ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics in the wee hours of the morning. :cool:


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It is a shame that Trial Run may never be published, but now that the reboot has been released, it may help sales this time around...

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