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Report this Mar. 21 2010, 3:00 am

Quote (rocketscientist @ Mar. 11 2010, 10:35 pm)
Let's not use the word "queer" here. ?

That goes for both PC and DJ. ?That's an out-dated, mean-spirited and derogatory word. ?There is nothing inherently "queer" about homosexuals. ?While Nacht might be a bit over the top and really funny (personally, I find him hilarious but we should all remember kids are here too and, in that regard, we all might want to work harder on keeping things a bit cleaner), he doesn't deserve being referred to in that way because of his orientation. ?That's not cool. ?

And, in that regard, I don't think it was cool of DJ to rip on Nacht and accuse him of misleading him wrt his identity. ?I don't know what was going on there, but Nacht definitely wasn't misleading anyone with regard to who he was. ?He didn't deserve to be subjected to that sort of abuse, particularly after DJ was flirting with him. ?I don't know if that was real or what, but if it was a joke, it's an insensitive one and if it was a misunderstanding leading to embarrasment, DJ only has himself to blame, not Nacht, nor PC for that matter. ¿

So, let's exercise some sensitivity, kindness, mutual respect, and consideration here, gentlemen.

And i thought queer was PC lol.

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