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Worst Episode ever...


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While it is no Encounter at Farpoint, I recently rewatched Season Seven TNG, and the only episode I could not bring myself to watch twice was Journey's End. Mostly because I knew it would have the Traveller in it. He's so creepy I can barely stand him!


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It's a four way tie for me. Faces, Bread and Circuses, Spock's Brain, The Q & The Gray


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I still think Code of Honor is the worst episode ever.


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Quote (BrotherofShran01 @ Mar. 06 2010, 7:29 pm)

I take back Threshold, but TA- The Forbidden Episdode, as I call it, takes the cake.


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It's obvious the Enterprise-E was a hybrid so it could reach high warp without all those pesky emissions, plus it was built in California.


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first off - my selection for worst episode ever is shades of gray, it was a season finale, and it was a clip show.  it was the single worst piece of garbage ever produced by trek, followed closely by spocks brain, i don't know how the actors actually were able to read their lines and keep a straight face.

Second - the warp 10 discussion.  You have to remember that in tng, warp 10 was equivilent to einsteins light speed.  the closest you can theoretically get to light speed is to approach it, due to time dialation and relativty.  the same is somewhat true of warp 10, you can  only approach warp 10.  In theory a ship travelling at warp 10 is actually existing in all parts of the galaxy at the same time, they exist outside of normal time and space.
you may not like the explanation, but when tng came around, they decided (as was said earlier) that warp 10 would be the ulitmate speed limit of the galaxy, to prevent writers from coming up with insane warp factors.  the ONLY way to rationalize this is to conclude that the warp scale was changed sometime between tos and tng to add decimals after 9.9 instead of simply moving on to warp 12, or warp 25, ect, it could become absurd given enough time.  (ignore the throw away line in all good things were the enterprise jumps to warp 13, the writer had a brain fart and was simply trying to show that technology had improved over the last 25 years.  writers,even for sci fi shows, aren't always technically savy, and sometimes to make a point they bend the science or say something that sneaks through and the only thing you can do is pretend it never happened.)


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I watched Shades of Gray on Sunday, for the first time in years, and possibly, in this century.

It'll be along time til I see that one again.


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Spock's Brain. It used to be pa inful and never watch ed it. :angry: Then the Vorta in the Ds9 Ferangi show did a funny brainless sPock walk I thought was funny. so I can watch it now . To laugh only. It's still the worst show to me, but it 's not bad painful. It's bad funny. :laugh:


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And the Children shall lead them. Hands down above even the "best" voyager episode.


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TATV.....I still cannot watch it without being upset for a bit. Then I go on with my life! That's why I rarely watch it.

TRIP:I'm only kidding. You look nice like this. Kind of like an old oil painting. T'POL:I'm not old. I will only be sixty six years old on my next birthday. TRIP:I can't believe you told me that. T'POL:You accused me of looking old. TRIP:That's not what I mean. I've been trying to get you to tell me your age since we left Spacedock. Why now? T'POL:To Vulcans, certain information is considered intimate. TRIP:Intimate?


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OST-And the Children shall Lead

TNG-A Fistful of Data's




and the worst episode out of these, Faces. But Extinction, And the Children Shall Lead are also ones I just about always skip.

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maybe "vorta" ill think bout it

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