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Your Favorite Star Trek


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TNG obviously!


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really could not do
without any of them
because they are
but voyager is my fav


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I love then all.
If I have to choose, I choose ENT for one reason:


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yup, boco, I confess that's my knee-jerk reaction as well--or, gut-level reaction...well, you know.


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as there is only one show actually called Star Trek, I go with that one as best, all others are decent attempts at spin-offs but they don't quite reach the greatness that was Star Trek :logical:


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I like TOS best. I grew up with it and it remains my favorite for a major biased reason. :logical:


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Was always between TNG and DS9 for me :cool:


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DS9 no question

But I only watch the original in re runs the others I have to watch from beginning to the end.


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Now that you've identified which Trek TV series is your FIRST-favorite here in Enterprise19's original poll, let us know which TV series is your SECOND-favorite in this secondary poll.


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Well, Voyager of course.

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