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Strange/unusual pets (anyone)

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Report this Feb. 16 2010, 5:12 pm

Not exactly domesticated and they come and go as they please , but are now quite tame and no longer fear my wife and I , they seem to like our company are :

- the big blue tongue lizard that lives in our banana trees ... comes out and follows us about when we go into the backyard and accepts meal worms , earth worms and bits of meat from us (hand feeding).... a wonderful gentle creature.

- a big striped skink that has started coming into the house this summer and likes roaming about (just about every day about lunch time), if we sit still , it'll come right up and taste us, it also displays to us ( I think it may even live under the freezer or the sink or the washing machine in the laundry , or it waits for someone to go out the back door and zips in then , I think it hunts for ####roaches under the furnature) ,I put a mirror in it's usual path one day and it didn't like the other lizard it saw .... got quite cranky at it .... was hilarious to watch.

- a pair of rozellas who visit our yard every afternoon and sing to us from the clothes line until we come out , we don't feed them very often , they just seem to like us and like eating the grass seeds and lawn weed flowers our yard.

- one particular magpie which has really become very tame and is known sometimes to follow my wife or me into the house and begs for food , sings to us from the back patio handrail,  its a real card and seems to have real sense of humour , follows my wife about like a puppydog when ever she's in the yard .... can be real pest (got to be careful not to trip over it).

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