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final disappointments


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Quote (docbashir @ Feb. 21 2010, 9:41 am)
vad_baxter, why was ezri a necessity? ¿they could've simply left a hole where jadzia'd been and it would've been much more poignant. ¿mantaray is especially right that introducing any new major character in the final season is a mistake, especially when they develop her in one-off episodes that don't contribute to the major arc. ¿they had the opportunity to seriously involve the orion syndicate, but didn't. ¿

i'm sure i'm in the minority, but i loved vic fontaine. ¿maybe it's because i like jazz, but i thought james darren did an excellent job with the character as well. ¿the vic/sisko duet of "the best is yet to come" right before the final arc was a beautiful touch, even if the best had in fact already come and gone. ¿furthermore, vic had been acting as an informal ship's counselor since season 6, obviating the need for the writers to introduce a less effective (objectively as a counselor, subjectively as a character) one in season 7.

I liked Vic as well! Too bad that he wasn't introduced sooner!

Ezri's role as the station's councelor was truly questionable.


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Quote (RedShirtGuyNumber1001 @ Mar. 14 2010, 11:49 am)
I think Berman shut DS9 down, I don't think it was a case of the show canceling, I mean it did last 7 years.

Umm...the show was planned for 7 years, just as TNG before it and Voyager after it were also planned for 7 years.

Even Enterprise was originally planned to be a 7 years show,


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People trash Ezri's character to readily. Ezri Dax was a refreshing and welcome change from Jadzia Dax. Season 7 started well, went a bit flat in the middle, but the last 11 episodes are amazing. My favorite DS9 episode of all is Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges. In war the law falls silent. Simply amazing, and the most complex plot of all!

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