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Why do people like Data so much?


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I like Data simply for who he is. His honesty (seems he really can´t lie), his naivité, his looking at the world with new eyes. But I wouldn´t dispute with anyone for not liking him. Why should everyone like the same people?

Lore however I don´t like at all. He may be Data´s brother, but he´s the contrary of all those qualities I so like in Data. So what´s there to like? He´s an interesting character in the show, but I don´t like him. Rather the opposite...

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I like Brent Spiner. He's cool.

Data is sort of the equivelant of Spock but with very different goals. While Spock was trying to distance himself from his emotions, Data is trying to become more human until his last breath.* I guess thats sort of attractive.


*(Oh, yeah. Data doesn't breathe)


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Aside from Data's endearing childlike qualities, he represents almost a miracle of sorts.  He's both intelligent and kind, forthright and thoughtful, clear and unbiased.  He is without the usual baggage that humans tend to accumulate through the years and remains ever loyal and truthful, to a faulting degree.  He is an absolute protocol junkie, but, as is so often wondered, what does Data truly create?  Or, rather, does Data create or simply enhance (through his superior abilities) what has gone before?  Does his positronic brain allow him to experience life as a human experiences life?  Obviously, there is a discrepancy there, but what exactly is it?  And what is the function of the discrepancy?  Is it the discrepancy itself that is the link that we are so fond of?  These are just a few of the things that I've been wondering myself..

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I think that pretty much sums it up! :-)

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Indeed, nice assesement.

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Quote: iBorg13 @ Sep. 03 2010, 12:44 pm


>*(Oh, yeah. Data doesn't breathe)

He does indeed. Dr. Bashir (from DS9) made an appearance in Birthright I and pointed this out, in fact. 

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I really liked Polaski... but to the point - I think people like Data for the same reason they lie Spock, Odo and Seven of 9, by being non-humans they accentuate what it means to be human and this fascinates us. Spock mocks it, Data struggles for it, Odo secretly admires it and Seven of 9 doesn't understand it but in the end they all do the same, work as a mirror in which we can reflect ourselves.

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All there is to say of why this character is so popular has been said. It's mostly a fascination with his development and the honesty of his character, all in all. He's one of those characters that you wish could be a human that you knew in person but could never. A fantasy human, in one consideration.

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Data is so awesome, and maybe he can be made one day. I think people like him becuase he loves humanitiy and he shows us how we can be better. I like him becuase he is different and could be so mean, but he is not. Also he is loyal, smart, awesome, I could go on all day...

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I find also, that he is very intriguing. It brought me to tears (I had to hide from my family for a sec to recover) when he sacrificed hisself to save everyone else! I like that despite Data constantly reiterating that he has no emotions, he actually does, because he cares about the well-being of the whole Enterprise crew! He IS my favourite Star Trek character of all time!!!

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