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Report this Feb. 11 2010, 5:45 am

The Tutel's will have their last show on TLC 2/11/2010.

I love this show the dysfunctional family of bike builders from Orange County New York was a true depiction of the American Dream.

Paul Sr an Iron worker who's hobby was building motorcycles in his basement with his son Paul Jr.

The relationship between father and sons was the selling force of the show.

The family became world famous and quite wealthy over the course of the series.

The operation went from basement hobby to a massive shop and dealership.

The latest is Paul Sr taking Paul Jr to court over ownership of the empire clearly forged by both's hard work.

I will miss this show which has made my area of the country a household name.

Before TLC's American Chopper if you heard Orange County most thought of California.

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