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ship of the line  ;george hill'


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Report this Feb. 10 2010, 10:55 am

if the boseman went forward in time 90 year;s and capt bateman [kelsy grammer] said they did not know where he the [decoopus] came from wouldn;s star fleet have a idea how to get him home??.
a great book one of the best ,much like the great old [sci-fi] movie the thing [1851].
it wouldn;t take more then a few pulls on the kingon-irish coffee jug to get me to be part of his crew. not all part;s the book are what i would think of  the enterprise -D crew. how ever over all it;s  on my short list sure wish their was more about george hill does any one have a picture of him this was the best role except for the bird of prey  commander he ever did way better than cheer;s  any help ??? about george ,or other maskot;s on starship;s. :)

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