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Destruction sequence


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Death, or shall I say, suicide, by ship's self-destruct feature is always a dramatic point of any ST show/movie and has become ST tradition.

Since I'm watching DS9 for the first time and not always in the correct order, I've been waiting for the episode where the DS9 crew find themselves in this cliche situation... where they choose to die rather than fall into the hands of the enemy and, as always, somehow manage to get saved. The one I believe is first is "The Adversary."

Season 3 comes to an end, Sisko finally becomes Captain... and what happens? They all go on a mission and have to invoke the self-destruct sequence. HOW IRONIC! I guess this time a Bajoran officer is 2nd in command so we are breaking with tradition a bit. Other than that, it's just a powerful tease that has lost its charm long time ago.

So maybe if I didn't know that there were 4 more seasons, I'd be concerned that a Starfleet ship would finally self-destruct. Of course, that does not happen. Defiant blows up with Data aboard in Nemesis. I believe it is the first time that a ST captain gets genuinely upset about the dire situation. Yes, they might die. Sisko does not really have to keep face in front of everybody present.

And yes, I agree, Chief O'Brien, he is the best ST captain. (Isn't it odd that he says that when he congratulates Sisko? He served under Picard, for crying outloud!;)


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The self-destruct wasn't what was supposed to be exciting about that episode.

Also, TNG did it halfway through the first season; 72 episodes in is pretty good in comparison

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