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Screencaps Redefined


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think there's an adult movie either on Vulcan or Earth w these 2 in it? just wondering

"It's a song you green-blooded...Vulcan! The words aren't important; what's important is that you have a good time singing!" McCoy 2 Spock, ST V FF


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What do you mean you dug it up, boco? It honestly WAS NOT HERE!

So glad you did, though. I hope people realize there's a 150 pages of LMAOROF stuff here!

Well...I'm here


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i noticed some of the new guys were reading it..
I searched for it.. I don't know if it was deleted , but i doubt it was! WHY on earth the Admin would delete months of laughs?

STLogs is THE BEST trek board:


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Soval: Do you see Commander. This cinder block makes us Vulcans look taller.

Trip: I'll be damn ... I heard a rumor that you guys stole them from the Andorians ...

Soval (smirking): Yes. This one use to belong to Commander Shran

Trip: I wonder if Captain Acher got a few of those ... he always trying to one up me in front of the ladies.

I always party at Starbase 63!



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Scott Bakula [thinking]: Four seasons of hard work! .... and this is the closest thing to "getting some action" they can write for me?

The connection that she and Trip had shared was no mere casual dalliance. It was identical to the link that united two of her oldest friends in the bonds of Syrrannite marriage. And that makes Charles Tucker my mate, she thought. In a much truer sense than Koss ever was. BENEATH THE RAPTOR'S WING


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T'Pol: Captain, we are currently in red alert. There are three Suliban ships off the port bow. Could you please put down that padd?

Archer: Just a second. I'm *this* close to getting three stars on this level of Angry Birds.

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