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Can 7 of 9 have CHILDREN ??


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And PS Im pretty sure Chakotay's tattoo is in his DNA, his kids will be born with them.

What makes you think that????

Anyway your wrong.

A young Chakotay was seen in the Voager Episode "Tattoo"

He had no tattoo.

thank you for agreeing with me.

Your welcome.


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Quote (DammitJim6200 @ Feb. 04 2010, 1:38 pm)
Being that the lovely Seven of Nine was turned into a Borg at a young age how much of her body is affected ? and can she function like a human female giving birth ? and if so would her implants affect a fetus inside of her ? HMMM ?:question:

She can, in fact she didn't stay a young child.

A maturation chamber ages her and the knolledge she gained was from the collective.

So in reality, you see a woman, but what is her real age? ¿It depends on how far to what age the Borg age the children the capture and how long she served.

However, once a desired age is reached, the Borg like any other Drone have there immune systems along with there aging process hindered.

Now, when the Doctor removed the borg technology the system was reacurting itself at FULL force. ¿it was rejecting the implants.

Now, judging by what the doctor was saying, the ability to pro-create is part of the human system.


However, her mind was given knolledge to DO THINGS.  But the will of a individual wasn't given.  Making life choices, living isn't the priority of the collective.  You see there main goal is to STOP indivual living.

Therefore, 7 had NONE of those skills.

So in a sense she WAS being raised.  She was assimilated at age 6.  BEFORE her parents could teach her much about being a HUMAN.


Why did the Borg children of Voyager retain faster?  Most were just put in there chambers.  Over the age 12.

They remembered the values of there people.

Although I surprised at Echebs high values sense his people don't have very good


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i think she was an adult in mind AND body. it's not cause she was assimilated at a young age that she didn't know how to make choices on her own but cause the borg force every one to do what they say without question and brain wash them into thinking that's how it should be, janeway was showing her otherwise, that and 7's research into everything under the sun.


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I never thought about it before. I wouldn't think it would be a big issue in the future. Blood line or adopition would both be available. I don't think ability to concieve would be deciding factor in future.

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