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Red Alert Graphic


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Report this Feb. 02 2010, 11:09 pm

I wasn't sure which category to fit this under question is about Star Trek Screensavers. Particularly 3 of them.

Has anybody seen/made/have screensavers of :

1) The Star Trek 2 WOK -5 Final Frontier, Red Alert graphic? Ya know the triangles above and below Alert: condition RED with the bars flowing up and down respectivily into it?
2) A starfield traveling away from the screen (a reverse of the regular starfield screensaver from older versions of Windows?) I saw they used this at the old Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas on a lot of screens there. They made it look like you were at the back of the saucer section watching the stars fly past and away from you at warp.
3) Any TOS or TNG bridge display graphics?

Ive looked around myself but since you guys and gals know more than I do about this, I thought perhaps someone would know.

So..anybody know/have?


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Really? Nobody?

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