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The first episode to show your new girlfriend?


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Report this Mar. 10 2010, 9:49 am

wow, well this took on an a life of it's own, been on holiday for a couple of weeks!

safe to say she is still my girlfriend and she was really looking forward to watching it, in the end i went with timescape TNG season 6.

thought it encompassed all most basic levels of trek in one episode. i actually seriously think she quite liked it.

however, i would admit though not being a geeky girl she is more alternative aware than most girls in the world.

all in all 100% successful. now i can start on ds9 101!

thanks for all the suggestions though i took them all under guidance......actually one of the most carefully thought out decisions of my life! haha! a bit worrying i think!


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Report this Mar. 10 2010, 11:44 am

How about the Enterprise Ep where Tripp gets pregnant? Laughed my head off on that one and I am a female.

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