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Would Brandon Routh Have Made A


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I liked Routh as Superman, and I liked the movie. I was expecting more action, though, but was satisfied with what I saw. The reason why they haven't done another Superman movie is because of legal ramifications with the Siegal family (one of the co-creators of Superman). For years, they were not paid royalties that were due to them, and recently, they won the rights to the name and logo of Superman. That is why the next movie (which was in first stage production) was finally scrapped. It was supposed to be called "Superman: The Man of Steel", and was supposed to feature a lot more action with Superman really unleashing his powers. There were lots of rumors in what the plot was. Some spoke of  his fight with Doomsday. Most fans were wanting to see Routh reprise his role, and less emphasis on the romance with Lois Lane. And a large majority didn't want to see the son or Lex Luthor again.
As for him playing Spock, I think he could've done a decent job. But I have to say, if given a choice, I would probably stick with Quinto. I thought he did an excellent job.


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I can't imagine anyone doing a better job than Quinto.  But by looking at him I'd say his nose isn't strong enough.  The physical resemblence between Quinto and Nimoy was eery


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Quinto was perfectly cast and did the character respect while a fresh look.Brandon routh was really good as both kent and Kal-El and deserves another go with a sequel.why recast when he was virtually an unknown and did such a great was the rubbish script that sank the film !

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