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origins of the borg


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according to star trek legacy the borg origins were created by a romulan scientist.......... could someone please elaborate ...... thankyou


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It goes something liek this:



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Quote (foxx88 @ Jan. 27 2010, 10:07 am)
according to star trek legacy the borg origins were created by a romulan scientist.......... could someone please elaborate ...... thankyou

Seeing how the Borg originate in the Delta Quadrant and the Romulans are in the Alpha and Beta quadrants...

Star Trek: Legacy is wrong, if it indeed says that.


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Quote (SeerSGB @ Jan. 31 2010, 3:24 pm)
Legacy Video about Origins of the borg

Memory Beta listing for the Borg and their various origins


Theory 4: The hidden history on the creation of the Borg Collective was revealed to the Vulcan scientist T'Uerell during her attempt to become the new controlling entity within the Collective in order to mould the galaxy into a realm of pure logic. After entering a deep meditative state, she mind melded with the Borg Collective consciousness and discovered that the origin of the Collective lies with human-built machine probe that would be known as "V'Ger." The probe fell into a black hole where space and even time are bent. Through whatever providence, this machine survived. Living machines found the probe and altered it. Its programming was a mystery to them, but they interpreted it as best they could. They returned to the creator, but it could find nothing. No others like it and none that could have created it. In that moment, the probe decided all carbon-based life was an infestation of the creator's universe. That assimilation was their only useful tools for it to learn and grow. It catalogued all carbon-based life and their technology. It created drones in their image and merged them into a collective consciousness. This is where the Borg began, sent out as heralds to find it creator and to learn all that is learnable and return that information to V'Ger for assimilation. As the collective grew the necessity for a single voice became the only logical recourse. The Collective found the females of certain species displayed a mental prowess, enabling them to sift through thousands of thoughts and bring order to chaos. Installing these females as the Collective's processors of information, they became much more efficient. With thoughts and desires of her own, she was no longer bound to serve V'Ger. But the destruction of the Queen put a limit on the life of the Collective. With its size and power unregulated it would become chaos.

Origins of the book are in the Star Trek: Destiny Book Series.

Spoilers in link for those who haven't read them yet.


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i've read the Destiny books and played Star Trek Legacy and I think the Destiny books are more plausable and would make a great set of Star Trek films.
Are you listening Paramount??... Probably not
I ask anyone who is a Star Trek fan and loves to read the books please read the Star Trek Destiny series I promise you wont be dissapointed or your money back (not a real offer please do not ask for money back)  ;)


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What little coolness that was left of the Borg was destroyed when they decided they were an offshoot of another race.

The Borg Queen does not approve.


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She never does... She never does :(


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Its important to remember that books and games are often not fully authorized to speak on behalf of Star Trek, they are simply other works of fiction use licensing. You can really only go by the Television show and Movies which state that no one knows the Borg's origin. Seven of Nine of VOY claims that The Collectives time records are incomplete, so its possible even the Borg don't know what they have spawned from.

All that is mentioned is:
-Guinan Claims they are 100's of Thousands of Years old.

-The Borg Queen adds that they were once human but added technology to their physical bodies.

-By going back in time in "Star Trek: First Contact" The Enterprise blew up the the Borg Sphere sending debris down onto the 2063 Earth, some of which froze itself in Arctic. In The Enterprise episode "Regeneration", the remnants of the destroyed sphere from are discovered in the Arctic along with two frozen drones. They became reanimated in the episode and managed to send a Message to other Borg in the Delta Quadrant. This culminated in the encounter between Borg and the Enterprise 200 years later in TNGs "Q Who?"


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Those crazy Borg they just get everywhere dont they


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"...begin historical time line restoration sub-algorythim wavelength transmission."

I doubt if the Romulans designed the Borg. The Borg mentality is assimilate all into their collective to create a more effecient and perfect being. Given the Borg mentality we could assume that even if the Romulan's created the Borg that the Borg would assimilate their creator thus making their perfection as a species secure even over those who had created them who by Borg accounts would consider them "a lesser species".

Another quandry that would suggest that the Romulans did not design the Borg can be seen in Star Trek:TMP. We know that the V'ger (Voyager) probe was launched well before StarFleet and the Federation came into existance. I have never watched the Voyage episode that discusses the Borg homeworld but from reading about the episode the image that showed what appeared to be a planet populated by living machines during it's travel to Earth was confirmed as the Borg homeworld or one of the many Borg worlds.

The fact that V'ger had an image of a Borg homeworld stored in it's matrix would also have to mean that the Borg and V'ger most likely engaged in a battle with the Borg defending it's territory from the collection of V'ger but that is different story.

According to StarFleet History the Romulan's had warp drive technology in the 2160's which was comparable to StarFleet warp drive technology when both races met in 2152. Since both races were at the same relative level of technological advance it would have been inpossible for the Romulan's to design or create the Borg and launch them towards the the Delta Quadrant as they would not have had the warp drive technology to send the Borg so far into space. Then there is the 100 Years war that completely embattled both Romulus and Vulcan in a bloody "Hatfield and McCoy" dispute which would further negate any notion of the Romulan's designing the Borg as all facilities would have been geared towards developing ships and weapons.

The most likely scenario of the Borg's creation or existance would have been a result of the race that had built the planet destroyer If you read about the planet killer the ship has roughly the same destructive offensive power and defensive power as well as cutting apart a planet to use as a means of providing fuel for the ship of which the Borg method of aquiring materials to keep the Collective growing also involved the discection of planets.

There is also mention that the planet killer had been designed by an acient race called the Preserver's to travel into Borg territory to destroy the Borg. Since the Preserver's were a race that had been around longer than the Federation and the Borg were the Preserver's enemy then once again the Romulan's could not have designed or created the Borg.

Since the Borg have weapons and resource collection systems similar to the planet killer the Borg could be a renegage seperatist cult that broke away from the Preserver's. In Vendetta Dekara and the rest of the crew of the are held in stasis inside of crystal stasis units thus giving them almost eternal life. The Borg function in the same manner of using nanites to regrow dead tissue where their suits are each designed to serve a specific function for the Collective. In both races there is only one mind that controls the actions of all of the others. For the Preserver's it is Dekara and for the Borg it is the Borg Queen.

Theoreticaly speaking the Borg and their Borg Queen wanted the same power that Dekara and others like her had for theirselves and used the advanced technology of their culture to grant theirselves almost eternal life. It could be said that the war between each race was over who had the right to call herself "The Mother of all Creation and Life." Or possibly the war broke out in a female dominated culture where one group of lower or lesser females grew tired of the constant subservient mentality of the Higher class females of the order and wanted their freedom to chose for theirself. If you can remember in DataLore I think it was Lore had found a way to give back the invidual personalities to the Borg in which many Borg died because their bodies were not able to handle the thought processes of being an individual but rather controlled by the Borg Queen who was a mirror of Dekara and other females like her.

Basically the Borg are a result of the "bad girl" spirit arising from within the Preserver race which was born of the wild youth of the Preserver's who wanted to be their own person that during the war to with the Preserver's they became like that which they sought to get away from in order to be free which is how the Borg race could have theorectically came into existance.

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My fanfic thought was, that the Collective began as a result of an attempt by some particular world's inhabitants-specifically, the scientific community across the entire planetary spectrum-to prevent the eventual destruction of all nations by an ever-increasing degree of international conflict. A cabal of specialists from many countries colluded,, and made a pact, that each would use a technology thus created together, by which the humanoid cortex would receive, in some covert manner, implants to the cortex, which would alter their thinking, their emotions, to reengineer their minds, so that the notions of aggression, and war would be removed, or subliminated. They began, logically, with their respective leaderships...and it worked..all too well. Indeed, peace was acheived..and a new era dawned. But a slippery slope began...and these people never went back. Seeing the benefits, on a global scale, of this technology, it evolved to the point where, like the Vulcans, the idea of emotions in total became a thing to be removed..and moved towards a 'purer form of thought', an ever-increasing dependency-almost a worship of-technology as THE solution..and, they thought, as they advanced sufficient to head into the stars, and thus found other 'conflicted' socities, needing, they believed, their help to be 'more perfected'...and this balooned  into what became the Collective...

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I dunno if I really buy that at all... but then, I didn't buy Legacy either ;) As far as their origin, seems far more likely to me they were a Delta Quadrant race - though who knows?


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Well, definitely a DQ race, as far as that goes. Sure, the novels came up with an intriguing premise for their beginnings, though I haven't kept up, and haven't bought any Voyager novels since the ones right after ''Endgame''. To each his or her own, and, just thought I'd toss it out. Eh.

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''

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