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With the Uhura Zoe so popular in Avatar


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What is the likelyhood of Zoe, who played Uhura in Star Trek XI coming back for another Trek movie in the future?

100 percent Scoobs. They contracted the main actors for 3 movies.

Contracts can be bought out, etc, etc.
Pretty sure if Cameron wants to pull Hollywood rank he is going to get it.

Yeah, what he said.

Not without paying out big money. To get her out of the 3 movie contract it would cost at least 50 million minimum. That's not including what they would have to pay her on her contract, compensation for having to recast the part, change everything related to the character for upcoming movies. A more reasonable estimate would be 75 to 100 million for her.

Your also forgetting it's Star Trek not Avatar that made her a star and a house hold name.

What the hell are you talking about?

Outside of getting her off the contract there is nothing else.


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She will be in XII. The only question is if the rumors of a nude scene are true.

Are you sure? Then Star Trek XII would have to be Rated R and only part of the movie going audience would be able to see the sequel. I doubt Paramount would want to make the sequel Rated R. Unless they can do that with a PG-13 rating?

Well it is just a rumor. I think you can get away with a thonged ass, a nip slip, or a side view nude and still get the PG-13.

And, where are these rumors?

...I mean, besides you posting something inane and unfounded out here and calling THAT a rumor....

I really look forward to seeing that one.


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Quote (SpaceTherapist @ Jan. 21 2010, 11:11 pm)
She definitely will be back...she signed a two sequel contract when she signed on to do the first movie.

I voted definitely, cause this is fact... Eliminating the possibility of an untimely death (hope not, can't see why it would happen anyway) there is no way she won't be in Star Trek 12.

Who here turns down a shift at work? We all like money...

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