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Best TNG Borg episode


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Thoughts on the Borg episodes anyone? :bored:

"The Best Of Both Worlds" tops it for me as far as Borg episodes go (as I suspect it does for many (perhaps most) others, we will see) ¿ it¿s just a perfect episode: action packed but making plenty of room for quality character time. However, "Q Who" is a very close second for me ¿ it¿s one of the most creepy, stylish, and all-around entertaining TNG episodes.

I have always seen "I, Borg" as a misstep that the series took regarding the Borg. Giving the Borg a chance at individuality kind of took the muscle out of the monster and when it comes to the question over letting Hugh live or killing him and every other Borg in the entire universe, the answer is pretty derrrrrn clear to me. But I suppose I can understand the conflict Picard goes through regarding Hugh - and it certainly is a very well written and acted episode. "Descent" kind of salvaged the misstep of "I, Borg," showing the consequences of Picard's actions - even if it is more of a Data episode than a Borg episode.


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I voted for "The Best of Both Worlds," of course.  But all of those episodes are very good except "Descent."  And unlike Voyager, TNG didn't overuse the Borg.  Four episodes shows a great deal of restraint on the part of the writing staff.  On Voyager, we got Borg children for crying out loud!  That's when I began to tune out.


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I really didn't really like the ones with the borg. I kinda liked Descent just because Data almost got emotions. Even though they were bad ones.


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I Borg i love that one xaxa

resistance is ... not futile :O


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I Borg do good in series because it wasn't the collective just an individual so it don't matter yew see.


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I, Borg definately! I love Hugh and that episode makes me so emotional everytime I watch it. Also I love shouting "I am Locutus of Borg, You will respond to my question" at the TV screen


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The first three and a half were great, definitely some of Next Gen's best...but Descent Part II just didn't seem to work for me. The idea was fine, the execution was sloppy and static.

The Borg were so great on Next Gen because they only showed up a few times. First they almost destroy the ship, then they assimilate Picard and nearly the Earth as well -- there's not really anywhere to go from there, except "I, Borg" which IMO was a logical and necessary step to take.


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No other TNG's Borg episode is better than I, Borg. All other good Borg episodes are not on TNG - they are on VOY and ENT.


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Oh yeah hands down the best of both worlds, no contest.  I did like the Q episode that introduced us to the Borg though.


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The Best of Both Worlds. Hands down, no contest.


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Can First Contact count? :bored: :bored:


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I realize it wasn't a choice, but I liked the movie the best. The conflict and drama were great, competing with any episode or movie. I found that the Borg themselves were just a way to forward the plot, but movie VIII was great anyway.

BBW part 2 was not as strong as its cliff-hanger part 1, but the two were my favorites among the TV episodes. The anti-matter attack in 2 looked a bit too much like bottle rockets, which really weakened that episode.


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Most definitely "The Best of Both Worlds".


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I liked Descent the best. :bored:

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