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Don't %!@# with the Sisko


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That line was uttered in today's review of For The Uniform by sfdebris. That line should really be on a t-shirt. What do you think of his description of Sisko compared to the other Starfleet captains of the time?


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Sisko is easily the most threatening Starfleet captain. I'd give him a rather wide berth in passing. Part of that is the actor; I'm pretty sure I could take Patrick Stewart or Kate Mulgrew in a fight, whereas Avery Brooks would make an ashtray out of my skull. He's very dynamic. It would have been very easy to write Sisko as an angry loon all the time, but they gave him a softness too. Similar to how Dukat (and almost every main character on the show) was portrayed, his acts of aggression and violence are all the more effective because we know he's capable of good things.

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