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Seeking S.T. Voyager Customized DVD Covers Set


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Report this Jan. 14 2010, 7:41 am

I want to customize my S.T. complete series collection dvd's cases, because the cases that are comercially sold with series set are totally inconvienant! I've allready purchased new cases for the dvds. Manufacturers of these dvd series sets have no respect for fans to have such low quality control standards! I am seeking customized dvd art, seasons and episode titles information on paper insert covers for the (clear plastic/full wrap) outside dvd cases of the complete series sets for S.T. Voyager and for any other of the S.T. franchise dvd series sets! Don't want to use the origenal covers because, I have found 6 dvd multi-holder cases are sturdier made than 7 dvd multi-holder cases! They aren't synchronize seasons & episodes using the 6 dvd multi-holder cases compared with the commercial set origenal covers that uses (six) 7 dvd multi-pack and (one) 5 dvd multi-pack of 1-7 seasons, 47 disc total, but the customized covers I'm seeking does synchronize information for (Voyager seasons 1-7 plus an extra, 47 disk total)! The 6 dvd multi-holder 8 cases is the same as I saw on donated customer shared images of the customized Voyager paper insert covers on cases of the complete dvd series collection! The Voyager set were very impressive! I also saw an Enterprise,Final Conflict and Andromeda customized covers in cases for dvd sets! Does anyone know were I can purchase or seen any of these mentioned at a S.T. convention, S.T. magizine or wherever :question:


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You'll find what you're looking for right here:

Great stuff. I have the 'Ships of the Line' series for my dvds. it's very cool and looks fantastic on top of my dvd cabinet.


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USS Lancelot,
Thanks for the tip! :)

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