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Voyager's Best Season


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Quote (RedShirtGuyNumber1001 @ Jan. 16 2010, 3:48 pm)
Was the guy who played The Drone Armstrong again?

No, it was the guy who played the nazi in The killing Game, can't think of his name


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Season 4 is the best. "Scorpion pt.2", "Mortal Coil", "Living Witness", "Year of Hell", "The Killing Game", "Hope and Fear" are among my favorites. In fact there are only three episodes of that season that I didn't like.


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Season 7 has to be my favorite!  Seasons 4-6 were great too!

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Im think, what best first season, because this season about begin journay starship "voyager" from delta-quadrant on Earth. This too begin very hard work all crew. Most danger enemy for captain Janeway and crew has been borg and hirogen.

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season 2 and 7. well anyone of them that there's alot of Janeway and Chakotay scenes

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Alot of chakotay scenes? One of my biggest complaints of the series was chakotay was under used and under developed. It seemed the writers didn't know what to do with him. I don't think any seasons did him much justice.


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Season 5, they seem to really be the crew we wanted them to be.  The other seasons has excellent episodes throughout.


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I have favorites from every season, and like 'em all.


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Yup, 4 and 5 were really good.

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season 5 is my favorite with great episodes like

Bride of Chaotica

Dark Frontier

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