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Where does Odo get his energy?


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Quote (marshall8472 @ Jan. 07 2010, 3:09 pm)

Since Changelings do not eat, "Robert Wolfe used to theorize that the Changelings pulled their energy directly from subspace (or some [other] quasi-scientific realm)." (AOL chat, 1997) His theory also stated that "Changelings use some sort of subspace "pocket" to store additional mass during a morph." (AOL chat, 1997)

I pulled that from

i love that the source is an AOL chat.


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maybe he changes into a Honda generator and charges himself.



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One answer folks: Chi. The universe's spiritual energy!


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Where does Odo get his sentience? He has no brain. I can understand being alive without a respiratory system or a heart. But how does he maintain his personality, his experiences and knowledge when he becomes the leg of a chair? More to the point, where are his eyes and ears when he's the leg of a chair? How can he hear all that Quark is saying? How does he know when the coast is clear enough for him to change form to find out the Cardassians are smuggling weapons to The Circle?

Odo is perplexing and I wish they had explained it more when they found the other shape-shifters.


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One's perspective is built by all the data one is exposed to, and if Odo is capable of gathering data on the cellular level and assimulating it into his perspective, then that would provide sentience in a much deeper way than with humanities five senses and internal perceptive capabilities.

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