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Season 2 Ongoing Review Thread


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You did not review the Season Finale, The Jem'Hadar?


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Quote (Eddogegr3 @ Feb. 01 2010, 1:15 pm)
You did not review the Season Finale, The Jem'Hadar?

Hmmm...I could have SWORN that I did...but I don't see it here. Interesting...

Well...allow me to correct the oversight:

"The Jem'Hadar" ****

I think the only thing that keeps this episode from being a classic (5/5) is that it is emotionally uneven. It starts out as a very laid-back and fun episode about the father and son trip to the Gamma Quadrent that Sisko and Jake are taking for Jake's science project. It goes on to explore the Human prejudice against Ferengi values and beliefs (putting Quark and Sisko together was a brilliant move, by the way) and then it very quickly becomes an action / adventure with an epic space battle at the end.

Unlike other episodes that introduce a significant baddie ("Balance of Terror for the Romulans, "Erand of Mercy" for the Klingons, "Q Who" for the Borg and "The Wounded" for the Cardassians), this episode failed to build up a level of consistent dramatic tension appropriate to the subject matter.

However, it was very entertaining, and the conflict is well done. I really enjoyed the final battle between the Jem'Hadar warships and the USS Odyssey. Seeing a Galaxy-class Starship absolutely manhandled like that ALMOST made up for the lack of "suspense build-up" I refered to earlier.

Overall, this was a great way to end the season.

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