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Kirk sometimes...well...a jerk?


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Whenever Kirk insists on answers from someone who is clearly in no position to physically or mentally to give them:


When Kirk insists on badgering Decker with questions about The Doomsday Machine when clearly he's in a state of shock

When Kirk does something similar to John Gill in Patterns of Force.


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Quote: ssmukhi @ Jan. 29 2010, 1:13 pm

Found this thread!

A Private Little War - Kirk jumped the gun ( no pun intended ) in giving flintlocks to the hill people. He made no attempt to even confront the Klingon that was arming the villagers. No attempt to negotiate a truce. He didn't want to break radio silence for fear of the Klingons. So what? There was supposed to be a treaty. If the Klingons attacked, it would have been the Klingons who broke the treaty, not Kirk.

Kirk was a jerk here.

It seems like he'd do exactly what I would do. I mean, considering what Kirk's experiences with the Klingons are, and just the obvious malice in this particular Klingon's eye...he's just itching for a fight with Kirk. One just doesn't negotiate with Klingons, and Kirk knows that. And yes, the Klingons will be at fault for breaking a treaty, but Kirk wants his crew to stay alive, he has a big responsibilty as you know, and Klingon's aren't known for mercy.

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