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data fans

Doc Boomstick

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Picard. His growth was more interesting to me than Data's.


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My first post!  It may not be fair to compare Data to Spock.  Most great science fiction stories have a non-emotional super-analytical character.  That will be true a hundred years from now.  But OK, back to Picard vs. Data.  Based on his typing skills alone, I'm going with Mr. Data.  Even though Darmok and the Inner Light are my favorite episodes.  Great work by Patrick Stewart.

The Search For there's the name for a movie.


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I like them both. I recently heard the album that Brent Spiner recorded called "Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back". I was suprised at how well he sings.


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I have to agree with Q's description of Picard, so Data is undoubtably my fave character.

There comes a time when the odds are against you and the only reasonable course of action is to quit... That's when you turn to Star Trek.


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Live long and posper.


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i'm a good fan, love them both the same, but i admire picard and have fun with data
picard has moral and is so charming...

Respect the Prime Directive.


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Data. I did not have to think about it for one second.


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Data, data, data. I love him and his character. He was innocent and childish and truly I love it. I also like picard he is my second favor. I love the whole cast of TNG but Data has had my heart since I started watching star trek

"I do not believe it is justified to sacrifice one life-form for another."-Data

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