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New Star Trek Show?


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Report this Jan. 02 2010, 11:13 pm

I work from home and recently for the first time asked for an all Star Trek Birthday and Christmas gifts.  So I got all the movies and series on DVD and have been plowing through them non-stop (I am married to some addicted to world of warcraft so this has given him time to play his game as well).  

I loved the Next Generation (I was 16 when it came out and had just discovered trek), but I was sad that a the end of the series there was little character development, almost everyone was the same by the end of the series.  DS9 rocked my world and I loved the character arcs, the war and the religious aspects.  Voyager I felt was wasted by weak writing and the typical aliens who look like humans.  Enterprise lacked vision until Manny Coto came aboard, but by then it was too late.  These are just my opinions and I am sure there are people who agree and disagree.

But what do we want to see in a new series?

I was thinking about it and thought a West Wing of the Federation would be a cool series?  It could feature an ambassadoral team that goes to planets to put out political fires.  After all thats what Star Trek often did the best.  

Any thoughts?  

Also does anyone know why there have been no straight to DVD star trek movies?  With so much money wasted to straight to DVD zombie movies and kiddie movies no one can tell me that there isnt an audience for this sort of thing?

Anyone in Austin TX, please feel free to shout out to me.  



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