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Story Line for Star Trek XII


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I say do a kinda Star Trek / Aliens kinda cross, The Enterprise responds to a colony thats been infected by deadly contaminate which infects members of the away team who bring the organism back on board and a fight to survive ensues or something like that maybe!

"Resistance is futile, you will disarm your weapons and escort us to sector 001, if you attempt to intervene, we will destroy you"


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johnd777: you have some great ideas. i like them


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Quote: /view_profile/ @

Are any of these ideas worth building on 2TakesFrakes?

Star Trek itself is based on
Horatio Hornblower and Hamlet,
we all know that. Star Wars is
very derivative of alot of things.
So, it's not the ideas, per-se.
It's how they are presented.

For instance, a Time Travel story.
Like THAT hasn't been done every
way to Sunday, in this blessed
franchise. But if you can do it
in a way that's interesting and
cool, that idea gets handsomely
rewarded like STAR TREK '09 did.

You know what I'm saying? hmmm ...?

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