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Can't access all episodes


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Report this Dec. 30 2009, 12:41 pm

When I try to access the list of episodes from any of the Star Trek series, I'm only able to view Season 1. Clicking on the tabs for the other seasons changes the url, but you're still only viewing the Season 1 episodes, the list never changes.

This is happening with all Star Trek series as I said. I've tried Firefox, Firefox bare without any plugins/addons, IE, Netscape, and Opera, and all have the same result... the seasons other than 1 cannot be accessed. I had a friend try it from another state so I know it's not just my computers.

Has anyone gotten around this problem?

Edit:  I didn't realize clicking on community message boards would take me to a subforum, I'll repost this in the appropriate forum for the website.

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