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Would More Time Travel Have Been Good


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It's the person, not the person's actions that made the future come true.


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Quote (batouyukinawa @ Dec. 29 2009, 9:24 pm)
I subscribe more to the bubble universe theory. I can go back and kill myself; yet still exist. I merely created yet another alternate universe.

Yes and so do I at the current moment. There are problems which arise when this theory is not taken.

With taking Captain Archer there is a problem within a "single" universe. When Archer is taken from someone in the future and this changes their future then their previous future never really existed. This is why I prefer a quantum mechanics approach to time travel because otherwise you cannot change the past or future without creating a clever plot device which would allow for it.

It is the same problem with Yesterday's Enterprise but that is still a greatest episode of all time.

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