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Spock and Uhura ??


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Well I don't think there's anything wrong with women acting sexy and flirtatious...after all, there are some very sexy women in Trek.

For me though, it's just a shame that Uhura didn't get to do much more than simply be 'the girlfriend'.

Although having said that, they allowed her to behave like a more competent linguist than Nichelle ever got to do (TUC! *sigh* ) so I appreciated that at least.


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I think they first and foremost portrayed Uhura as a professional and driven women. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to speak her mind at any given moment. Being Spock's love interest came second, but never overshadowed her ambitions.


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why is it derogatory to be sexual?  And why does simply being in a relationship mean you are defined by a man?  isn't that the point of the women's movement?  that we can be sexual for our own sake and be involved with a partner without losing ourselves?


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for me
both uhuras rock

have only admiration
for prime uhura
and new uhura

i have zero prob with
the relationship in st11
of spock and uhura.
i respect that others
wish it not to be so.

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