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Who do you want to direct TREKXII


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Okay, I know I'm gonna get rapped in the mouth for this (and I'm totally serious with this suggestion), Michael Bay (or Bey, however it's spelled). I thought he did a good job with Transformers, and I'd be intrested to see what he'd come up with for a Trek film.
Don't get me wrong, I love what Abrhams did with Trek, but I wouldn't mind seeing Bey do one.

OK, hold still...I'm going to do this as quickly as possible...

:O ¿:laugh: ¿:laugh: ¿:laugh:

Even I had to laugh   :laugh:


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Okay, so am I to believe that you guys wouldn't want Bay to direct/produce a Trek film? I'm kinda gettin' that feeling that maybe you guys are resistant to that idea. Is that what you're trying to portray? :question: ¿:laugh:


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Frakes.  :logical:


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Ron Howard.


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After creating & directing while revitalizing the franchise I would be disappointed to go w/anyone besides JJ Abrams.

Also, in one of his interviews he mentioned that if he does get the opportunity to direct the next trek, he would consider doing it in 3D. Now, initially I wasn't that big on the idea but after seeing Avatar and how James Cameron utilized the 3D in that film, I'm all for it. He didn't go out of his way to make things come out of the screen and get in your face, it was more of a depth perception he created that made all the difference in movie. He didn't have any of those "OMG, that arrow came right out of the screen" type scenes. It was very well made.
I could only imagine how great the Enterprise would look from the bridge to the outside of the starship. I just hope he follows through w/his ideas if he does direct the next Star Trek movie.


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Clint Eastwood.


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"Make my day!" :cool:


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Quote (PhantomCrunk007 @ Dec. 22 2009, 7:10 pm)
Clint Eastwood.

That would be cool.
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stick with JJ, he did a fine job.


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I chose George Lucas because if your going to make Star Trek in Star Wars, then you need the real Star Wars guy.


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Antonio Banderas has gotten two votes so far! :laugh:

Go mariachi!

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