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In the new Star Trek Universe


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Have fun writing any ideas on what may happen in the new ST universe, 23rd - 24th Century.

Got some ideas on the Borg-Arc.

The Borg
For the TNG counterpart, instead of the Enterprise-D, it'll feature another ship with a new crew.
The Flagship will be refered to offscreen & guest star, to make them feel larger than their ship.

Only 1 crewman in particular I have in mind that should be on the ship, Shelby. She's not a commander in this universe like the PU's.
Rather than being an enthusiast like she is in TNG, she's the smart but quiet (not like Barclay)
who happens to have an interest on reading up non-general articles that she can get her hands on.

In this universe, Q did not introduce the Enterprise to the Borg, whether or not he introduce himself to Picard is up to the writer but just not the Borg, because of this this will take the Ent elsewhere than the same path as the PU Ent.

A Distress Call
In the Argolis cluster, the ship detected a distress call and found a small crashed vessel on a planet within 1 of the star system. There are 2 survivors, 1 badly damaged than the other.

They get them both onboard for recovery. Though they are under security watch, Shelby suspect that may be more dangerous than they think. As she went back to do some checking in her quarters, Sickbay is facing a security breach by the 2 alien patients without the alarm being alerted. Taking down the guards & nurses. The doctor was else where at the time.

Force fields were activated to keep them in the room, but it couldn't hold them.
As Shelby finally learn what they are, she rushed to sickbay calling for more security forces on her way. Up there, she nearly ran into the Cyborgs, turning back, managing to kill of the damaged Drone that still haven't fully recovered.

The shorter Drone was brought down by security before he injected Shelby.
Out of breath, she told security on some suggestions on how to keep the alien in check properly.

Also the infected crewmen are kept in stasis till they are able to remove the nanoprobes safely. Old medical records of the only known method is too dangerous for humans and other just as weak species.
Starfleet medical have new but untested theories on a safer method to remove them but they got to get back to HQ for it.

3 of 5
After the Drone is kept in check & further analysis is being performed, they interacted with it as well. Learning a few things about his people & his designation "3 of 5"

The Drone himself learn about individuality and being assimilated when young, he don't have much past memories to relate to and appreciated the interaction after being separated from the collective for a long time.
Whether he was given a name or not is up to the writer.

Like his alternate counterpart, he do not wish his new friends to be assimilated & warn them about the incoming ship that'll recover his crashed vessel and if they want to survive, they have to leave imediately, removing all traces of their being there.

Hence prolonging the invasion, using what little they know from Hugh to prepare for the inevitable.

As they return to HQ, they heard about the incident at the neutral zone which may have a connection with the same people. Some of the infected crewmen were "cured" or so they think. They were relieved from their ship position to recover & remained on Earth.

The Ghost Vessel
In a later episode after the incident with a cyborg survivor and his warning.

The crew detected a Starfleet signal of the USS Tombaugh that has been missing since 2362. When they meet the vessel, they detect life-forms onboard, but no one answered their hail.

It engage their ship without provocation.
After a tough combat against its reinforced shield & hull finally they damage the ship enough that they notice the ship is going to self-destruct. The Captain decides to beam what they can onboard to interrogate the aliens on what are they doing on a Federation vessel and what they've done to it.

When they beam what they could onboard, they learn something disturbing...


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