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JJ's Style of ST XI


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Report this Dec. 04 2009, 12:55 pm

The style of the film takes sometime to get used to by many of us old timers for sure. Many things already discussed like too fast, lens flares, camera shaking, etc.

I noticed that when it comes to character feeling moments for the main characters, Kirk, Spock, and between Kirk/Spock/Uhura are well done.

But the movie teased us in few places with emotions that are not part of the main character development. Some are great, like cutting out George Kirks command of "Bravo 6 manuver fire pho...." In other scenes, they cause a few sniffs and tears, but never enough time to "cry me a river" and start consuming issue papers. I understand why because they were not the main character focus, but... Here are some of the scenes I could've brought my bucket for tears:

1. On George Kirk sacrafice and with Winona moments. ?This is in similar to final scene for Bruce Willis in Armageddon and other "about to die" types but much more intense because of speed with no time to digest/moron completely.

2. Vulcan planet sucked in to black hole. Few devastating scenes on planet action and expressions on few vulcans' faces will do it...

3. The VO Shatner script if that got worked in.

Had this film also focus more on overall drama, theaters can be profitable selling Kleenix! :D But then we'll have a defocused film in order to squeeze out few more tears. Some of the best Asian film directors do this a lot though at the expense of defocusing!

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